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  1. I don't get it. Regadless if he armed the CLB mode or not, the aircraft shouldn't be able to achieve that kind of climb performance.
  2. Hello, I'm planning to upgrade my GPU by the end of the year (most probably a 1050ti or an equivalent if nvidia has released a new series by then) and make the move from FSX to P3d v4, and i was wondering if 4gb of vram if enough for the Aerosoft Bus Pro. I've already read that the aircraft's GPU requirements is minimal 3 Gb (6 Gb recommended) GTX 1050 class minimal, GTX 1070 class recommended. I also remember that a while back Mathijs stated that Trueglass and RealLight consumes a significant amount of VRAM. So can anyone report the GPU's VRAM usage in a busy airport like Frankfurt of Heathrow, during night, with ORBX global, vector etc and in a bad weather with rain/thunderstorm scenario? It would be really helpful. Thank you
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