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  1. Hi, I really enjoy flying the CRJ with the latest SP but I (think) have a sound issue. All sounds are played properly except the cabin crew announcements. The volume of them is by far lower than any other sounds in the CRJ. Any ideas how to fix this? I think the new A318/319 Professional uses the same announcements and they are played at normal volume. Kind regards, Gregor.
  2. I would just wait until the new livery manager is available, it shouldn't take long. Until then I would insert the liveries by hand. (I have done 12 liveries so far and all of them are working as intended.)
  3. Try to select your speakers as standard playback device (left click on the speaker symbol on your task bar -> select speakers) before you start any software (P3D, vPilot, etc.). In vPilot set your playback device to your headphones and in P3D select your speakers as playback device aswell. Then all the "sim" sounds should use your speakers and only vPilot should use your headphones.
  4. I don't know what your expectations are. All I can say is that Aerosoft did a pretty good job here. Yesterday a friend came over for barbecue and I told him about the new A319, after dinner he wanted to try it out so we did a short flight with a few touch and go landings - he was amazed. He is an A319 captain for Austrian Airlines and he said that this plane is pretty well done with only a few minor things missing (which aren't important at all). Kindly, a former FSLabs user who is quite happy that he got the refund. Q: When will you open a new preview thread for the A320/321/330?
  5. I would go for the 8700k with a decent all-in-one water cooling solution (Corsair H100i v2, Kraken X62,...). The new ryzen cpu´s are quite good on overall performance and multitasking but the single core performance is limited due to the lack of higher core speeds. I did my build 4 weeks ago (had an i7-6700k before) and the performance gain with the 8700k (overclocked to 5.1 Ghz) is quite nice (+10-15 fps in P3Dv4 -> higher settings).
  6. And I really appreciate that you have put so much work into the superb VC! Just for my lack of understanding - If I use f.e a 4096x4096 resolution livery will that solve my "problem" or has this nothing to do with it?
  7. I would recommend to go for an 1070 with 8 GB of VRAM. The prices are going back to normal and like you said Nvidia will announce next generation cards the next months and therefore the prices will come down even more after that announcement. I am running an 1080Ti with 11 GB of VRAM and with my settings (very high / ultra) and addons my GPU hits 60 to 70% workload while flying into 3rd party airports and 7 to 9GB VRAM usage. But besides the GPU, the CPU also plays an important role and even the best GPU does not bring much if the CPU is the bottleneck. Cheers
  8. As I already said in an other thread - the FPS are amazing. The VC resolution is superb. But - the only ("look and feel") thingy that I am not happy about is the outside texture resolution of some parts of the aircraft. I love to take screenshots with an wing view for example and the texture resolutions of the engine mount and the "Do not step..." writings are very low - why? The Airbus looks great if you look at it from a decent distance but like I said wing views do not. Any chance to get better textures for the wing/engine? Cheers
  9. I wanna thank you Mathijs and the whole team behind you for an amazing product! I acted a little bit offensive in some posts the last few months because of the bundle update policy but today you just did everything right (at least in my opinion!). Just did my first flight from LOWW to EDDF and it was a pleasure! No problems at all - everything went smooth and functions the way it should! The performance is just mindblowing (EDDF is a heavy airport which puts a lot of stress to even potent systems like mine but the A319 never dropped below 35 fps. That is truly outstanding and even better than my PMDG 737 performance there!). I really appreciate that you made the decision to release the bundle today! (Of course I feel sorry for the customers who bought the single product earlier today but like in my case I made the decision to wait for the bundle update anyway...)! And now I have to jump back into the sim and fly that beautiful plane across europe! Cheers, Gregor
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