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1.02 released

Mathijs Kok

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New full build now available:


1.00       online release for P3d V.4

1.01       tweak for fligthmodel

1.02       new build

                Updated logic of AGK-47B

                SP-ASR: whiskey texture fix

                SP-ASR: added cockpit texture first set

                3105K: wing and cowl flaps textures fix

                Fixed dll loading if addon is installed in another folder than default

                Dll loads only when the addon starts

                Sim failures support improved

                Landing lights glass texture fix

                PO-500: improved electric scheme simulation

                Voltage button fix

                Cold and Dark will affect not oil and fuel

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Hello Mathijs,


Where exactly on the Aerosoft Forum can I download this update you describe, I've searched everywhere for it?


 I bought the download via your retailer Simulshop and since installing it I have experienced most of the problems reported by other members/users of this forum.


When it loads it sounds as though the engine is already running but there is no animation of that, propeller is static.


 I therefore tried shutting it down via the left Control + Shift + F1 keystrokes which it appears to do, however upon keying Shift + 1 to bring up the described load manager, the whole programme just crashes.


My add-on installation is on my "D" drive, not the default "C" drive and I note there has an issue with that


Please help, I'd like to get this "old girl" airborne.




Hugh Thompson


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

It's not on the forum. You obtain it from the retailer you purchased the product from. If you bought a boxed version, there's a way to get it from the Aerosoft store. I'll look it up and add to this message.

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I didn't buy a boxed version, I bought the download version, AN2 V1, from on-line retailer Simulshop.


Despite their published policy of not offering support for the products they sell, directing all such queries to the publisher/developer, I have informed them that I cannot get the downloaded product to work on P3D V4.


I have since updated to P3D V 4.1


I have pointed out to them that the launch product AN2 V1, has certain bugs/issues in it that have come to light since the launch and that AN2 V1.02 now issued by Aerosoft apparently addresses these issues.


I have asked if they will make the latest V1.02 edition available to me via my account, so wait and see.


As you are probably aware Sibwings published a version of the AN 2 for FSX which appeared to install OK, (I have the Steam version), but upon selecting the aircraft "in sim" at the aircraft selection page, all it done was make FSX crash.


I hope I get a better resolution from Simulshop for the Aerosorft version, I am after all the customer whose purchases keep developers going and not just another source of revenue.


Thank you for taking the time to consider my situation.


Many thanks


Hugh Thompson

Swindon, U.K.

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Hi Mathijs,


Thank you for your advice, we are now at the 13th of January and I have had no positive response so far to my late Dec 17 complaint to on-line retailer Simulshop re the Aerosoft AN2 product. I have tried downloading it again from their  website shop but it is still the Version 1 that won't work.

I consider this to be really bad business practice by them, I can't be their only customer that is having these issues and as I indicated before they really should look after where their income comes from. I don't think I will be buying from them again and Aerosoft should consider if it it wise to use them to sell their products.

The AN2 product was purchased for me as a Christmas present and I would really appreciate it if you could help me to get it to run, see my previous posts for the issues I have been experiencing which are broadly as reported by other members.


Many thanks


Hugh Thompson


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Hi Mathijs,


I purchased the Antonov AN2 from The Flightsim Store. Unfortunately the business is no longer operating. I am wondering how I can get any updates that are available and also the paintkit.




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