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Reverse sleeve wont open.

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I've noticed that if you use idle reverse with the CRJ the sleeve on the engine cowl wont open. It works like it would on a default model where the amount the sleeve opens is proportional to how much reverse you are commanding. So if you command full reverse the sleeve is 100% open, but idle reverse just results in a very small movement of the sleeve. As far as I know the real engine doesn't work this way and the sleeve will fully open for any amount of reverse thrust, which every other complex airliner release this decade seems to have got correct. The attached screenshot is the aircraft on the runway with idle reverse selected.


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3 minutes ago, metzgergva said: Yes Mathijs,

The reverser deflector ring moves fully backward as soon as you enter reverser function and stays fully open as long as you are in any reverse power range.


Okay then we need to change that.


The OP is correct. The sleeve moves fully aft whenever reverse is selected in all versions of the CF34 engine from the CRJ 200 through 900.


The reverser does not affect the exhaust gas flow at all. It only blocks the airflow through the bypass duct.

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