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  1. I've just reproduced this twice in a row in the same situation. P3dV4.1 and latest crj version. Takeoff from Skiathos in the 900, heading is synced to the departure heading. Engage autopilot and all good, move the heading knob to initiate a right turn and error window comes up over sim window, Sim doesn't crash but impossible to clear the error window as it returns microseconds later. Sim is paused whilst error is active.
  2. How do you generally manage a descent. Speeds, thrust settings, autopilot modes etc. I've so far only one one full flight, but when It came to descent I used speed mode, Mach .74 then 290kts. Thrust idle. It seemed to descend really rapidly, with an agressive nose down attitude, yet was still bleeding off speed and couldnt maintain what was set on the mcp. Speed brakes were stowed.
  3. I load the piper cub, which is my default flight, first and then select the CRJ, have only had the yoke hide on one session. Perhaps it does depend on which model, I know for sure it didn't hide yesterday in the 900.
  4. Doesn't always guarantee the yoke will hide, at least for me. Been doing that for every flight, yet the yoke has only hidden in one session. Thankfully it doesn't cover any displays, but it makes accessing the panel to the left of the PFD a real pain.
  5. Negative, Topcat doesn't have editable profiles, they have to be created by the programs authors who seem to have stopped supporting it.
  6. I've noticed that if you use idle reverse with the CRJ the sleeve on the engine cowl wont open. It works like it would on a default model where the amount the sleeve opens is proportional to how much reverse you are commanding. So if you command full reverse the sleeve is 100% open, but idle reverse just results in a very small movement of the sleeve. As far as I know the real engine doesn't work this way and the sleeve will fully open for any amount of reverse thrust, which every other complex airliner release this decade seems to have got correct. The attached screenshot is the aircraft on the runway with idle reverse selected.
  7. I get a very slight fps drop with it down, maybe slightly more than other addons with HUDs but still pretty negligible. My issue (Potential operator error?) is that the FPV doesn't seem to work at all. I placed the fpv on the horizon, which should mean level flight yet I had a -1000fpm descent.
  8. Pretty sure every other aircraft I own regardless of whether it has a modeled cabin or not has wing views. I understand that it isn't essential, but it's a nice view to have. Easy to make them yourself if you have a camera addon (which I don't) Even without it should be pretty easy to define some wingviews in the aircraft CFG which is why I'm surprised they weren't included to start with, considering the popularity of wing views and the way they are pretty much the industry standard in regards to available views.
  9. You're still in the VC view looking at the shadow model. Make sure you are in an actual exterior view in order to see the external model.
  10. Same issue. It's nothing major, just a bit weird
  11. Would be willing to pay for an upgrade. Another feature that is often requested and I don't believe possible in the VC is embed an addon GPS such as the F1 GNS530. If not, is it possible to have the default gps allow for manual flight plan entry?
  12. Hopefully if we are only getting 2 engines the other is GE. I believe they are a bit more popular, plus look better than the Pratts.
  13. Looks great and if it's the same developer as Bali then good news because that scenery has great performance, is detailed and has SODE Jetwats which are frankly a must at this stage in a new scenery. Hoping the A380 shows up after the 330. This will be a good hub for it
  14. Looks like the externals are going to be just as incredible as the internals. I can't wait to bring this big bird gently down onto the pavement. This thread is probably not the right place for this, I posted it in one more suitable which happened to die right after my post lol. I'm sure Stefan wants to slap me for merely mentioning the possibility of him doing extra work. But the main reason for this suggestion, other than satisfying my own ocd with the externals, is to create less future work for repainters and users.
  15. Personally, with the A332 being the only variant I have flown in, and only variant flown by VA, JQ, HA and QF domestic (possible but rare to see the A333 in domestic use) I was most excited for this model, so naturally a bit disappointed when it came out the only model was the 300. Obviously this is a selfish observation and I understand that it's easier on the developers to get to an initial release and then build on it once it's out. It should also mean less time until it gets in our hands. I bought the A320 3 years ago this month, just look at how far that product line has come since then. One thing that was done with the A320/A321 was visual models for both engine types, even though only one was simulated. It would be nice if the same thing was done with this A330 from the perspective that any liveries will be getting applied to the correct model, and won't need to be updated/remade if any other engine types are introduced. Then in the future if any additional engines are simulated it will pretty much be plug and play from the customer perspective. It also has a mental effect that even though the displays are technically wrong, having the right engine type on the external is more satisfying for those of us who like to take things seriously. Looking at a QF A333 with RR engines just seems wrong lol. Though I have no clue about modelling and I don't know how much extra work it takes to change the engine type on the outside. My assumption is that 95% is the same and doesn't need to be remodelled, it's mostly just the engine/ pylon that need to change. I'm possibly completely wrong here though.
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