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  1. Thanks a lot Hans, the new update seems to have fixed the issue and the CRJ is now operable in my sim for the first time in months!
  2. Replacing the DLL just led to the issue of the CRJ crashing P3D when attempting to load it into the sim. Previous to this I had the deflected yoke and black screens.
  3. I haven't been able to fly the CRJ in about 4-5 months. First it would constantly crash the sim when trying to load the aircraft, then after a reinstall I had the dark cockpit and yoke deflected. Reinstalled the new version today to be confronted with the dark cockpit issue still. I changed the navigraph dll to the one Hans linked and others have reported success with, and have just gone back to the CTD when trying to load a flight with the CRJ selected. Getting beyond frustrating. No way I have the time for a full reinstall of the sim. I'll try uninstalling the 787 and see what happens. EDIT: did an uninstall and reinstall of the 787 and still CTD when loading the CRJ
  4. It has the 2 exit model when it should only have 1. When I tried changing it to get rid of the awkward looking second exit the livery wont display correctly and is dark in the sim.
  5. Version 1.0


    Juneyao Ailines Repaint for Aerosoft Airbus A320 By T. Smith Juneyao Airlines is a regional airline based in Changning District, Shanghai, China, operating domestic services out of the two Shanghai airports (Hongqiao and Pudong).
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