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  1. This was a good decision. Setting priorities can always be essential.
  2. No worries. It's finished when it's finished.
  3. Or use version Works perfect for me.
  4. This was the last piece of realism that missed to make me think I'm in a real CRJ ...
  5. No offense here! This is a serious question. I mean either it's a bigger update like 1.0.1 or a smaller one as a hot fix Just to make it clear what I was thinking ...
  6. Strange. I don't have this isseue as well and I'm using multiple monitors all the time. What I thought when I was reading your post was that maybe FSUIPC autosave does this interruptions. And you may set the autosave interval to every 30 seconds. Please check this.
  7. Hm but when I was in the CRJ I had the same issue. The GPU plus the Wheel Chocks did not come off as long as I do not click save.
  8. It definitely has an option button. Should work.
  9. "guess" was referring to "as soon as the plane is stable ... " But very confusing I do agree
  10. Guys, you have to click "Save" and then you can disconnect the GPU, Chocks etc.! For me it worked in that way. Please give feedback whether it worked or not.
  11. It will be definitely in an update as soon as the plane is stable and the known critical issues are fixed I guess.
  12. Sunday is rest day zZZzzzZzz
  13. I can confirm the issue concerning resizing pop-up windows. It happen to me yesterday when I tried to resize the MFD.
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