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Fatal Error


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Dear Aerosoft.


I have bought Fernbus and I couldn't enjoy it at all. I have reinstalled it 3 times and it keeps getting blocked at the start with "Fatal Error". This is really the first game that does so (and  I have a ton!).

I am running a PC wirh a Intel Core i5-2500K quad core @3.3Ghz / 16GB Ram / 960GB Samsung 840 SSD HDD / 2x Nvidia Ge Force GTX760 on SLI / Windows 10 x64. Pc should be sufficient to run it.

Do you have any tips to have it run? If not, I am considering requesting a refund as the game doesn't work at all!




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Fernbus it's the negation of the word simulation. It must support steering wheels especially the one that are widely used in the market. 
G27 and all other bigger and smaller brothers doesn't work! No sense to play a bus simulator without a wheel!


Get Omsi 2. It's realistic and supports all kind of wheels!!



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