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  1. Aerosoft I have opened a ticket on the 29th of August for a software that doesn't work. Your customer support is unable to fix the software and find a solution.
    I have offered 4 possible way to make me happy:
    1. Fix the software, I will gladly keep it
    2. Refund the money paid. I can't keep a software that doesn't work
    3. Offer me a voucher to spend in your store for the amount of the software not working
    4. I have suggested a replacement title that i will gladly exchange for the not working one (Note: the price of the replacement is smaller than the price paid!!!)

    I think I have been very flexible toward your company but now, after almost 3 months I have lost the patience.

    Please have a manager with decision power call me. Your support dept. have my mobile number (see tickets #177921 and #182073)

    I must say that your support department needs a lot of improvement! (if not a full change!)

  2. ljnad

    Fatal Error

    Fernbus it's the negation of the word simulation. It must support steering wheels especially the one that are widely used in the market. G27 and all other bigger and smaller brothers doesn't work! No sense to play a bus simulator without a wheel! Get Omsi 2. It's realistic and supports all kind of wheels!!
  3. Although some individuals of this support have ways to insult customers on the fact that this game is still incomplete, with respect to product price, the more dramatic is that they do not grant any support for the troubleshooting this game. Personally for me, this is a first. When requesting assistance for troubleshooting, they are indifferent, and worst of all is the return policy and reimbursement. false advertising about the product and at a price that really is not in the product corresponds remote bus. Many customers today are disappointed with this game, and help the company Aerosoft attaches to these new customers. To conclude my approach, I really do not advise clients wishing to make this purchase, for now, and he let the company to troubleshoot remote bus. Problem too often 

  4. ljnad

    Fatal Error

    Hi, You are right! I have removed the G27 and it started working. The graphic of the game it's awful and playing with the keyboard too. I will request a refund! That's not worth the money spent!
  5. ljnad

    Fatal Error

    Dear Aerosoft. I have bought Fernbus and I couldn't enjoy it at all. I have reinstalled it 3 times and it keeps getting blocked at the start with "Fatal Error". This is really the first game that does so (and I have a ton!). I am running a PC wirh a Intel Core i5-2500K quad core @3.3Ghz / 16GB Ram / 960GB Samsung 840 SSD HDD / 2x Nvidia Ge Force GTX760 on SLI / Windows 10 x64. Pc should be sufficient to run it. Do you have any tips to have it run? If not, I am considering requesting a refund as the game doesn't work at all! Regards Lj-Nad