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Etops guides reupload

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I have been contacted by other members regarding the broken links on the two ETOPS guides in the pinned threads. I am sorry for not answering before as I am in a FS break currently because of work.

I am reuploading them in these thread, but the mods can merge them in the original threads too if they want,

They are the same as what was in the threads and the Pacific guide which was in another thread, so:

Part 1: Is about getting up and running with ETOPS and PFPX

Part 2: In the flight deck. Covering Atlantic ETOPS operations and also PMDG 777.

Part 3: Covering Pacific ETOPS operations.

Happy landings,




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Belisar, thanks a lot for the re-upload!

I somehow missed pt.3 when it was first released. I'm 100% positive your guides will be usefull to many simmers. Take care!

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It's my 1st contact with this ETOPS issue since I have never made a long flight. I flew C441 / Mustang / even Hawker 800 but just now I bought PMDG's 777-200LR and decide to go for long flights. Awsome work!!! No one that makes flightsim one's hobby can't be away from this masterpiece of information.

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