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  1. Will, I believe that only FIRs/UIRs can be excluded, not countries. Having said that, some countries are only one FIR/UIR (like Syria, Czech Republic, Belgium, or the UAE). But for nations such as the USA, Russia, Germany, or Canada, you need to prohibit each FIR/UIR. You can actually prohibit also airways, waypoints, navaids, and sub-routes. In your Configuration setting, click on Planning / Units and this way you permanently prohibit these areas. On "ad-hoc" basis, you can prohibit the same, when you choose Advanced Route Finder tool. Cheers, Andrej
  2. From my experience, my flight history is valid for 3 days only. Not sure if that is a general setting, but I don't see flights older that that.
  3. Kyle, I am afraid not (I would really like for the developer to update the link, if it is a quick fix). However, Stephen's workaround is very simple process (you need 3 more clicks only). It is a really easy process. Only thing is that Fuel Endurance does not get uploaded automatically (in my case), so I have to type that one it.
  4. Stephen, quick question. How to I designate "sub-route". I created few sub-routes, but I am not sure how to categorize them. Thanks! Andrej
  5. Hello Stephen, thank you for reply. I will look into it. Cheers, Andrej
  6. Hello all, is there any easy way to find out preferred routes (arrival / departure) for a specific airport? As my primary HUB is EDDK, I tend to spend a lot of time finding appropriate routes in last 300 NM of my flight segment. I tend to copy / save proven routing, but if there is any specific tool within the PFPX that could help me out, I would like to know about it. Thanks for all your help! Cheers, Andrej
  7. Hello Renato Roberto, I am not aware of any airlines.txt update since 2013. However (and you probably know this), you can add / update / delete any airline in PFPX. Click on "Configuration" tab Then selected "Airline Codes" and you may edit as much as you want. Best, Andrej
  8. I am happy to report the same. Checking after few days off.
  9. Thanks JP...I confirm that TAF is now back online.
  10. Thanks Stephen. I was under the impression that yesterday it was working. Cheers, Andrej
  11. Hello all, today I experienced problems with TAF (not showing for any airport). Yet my weather is updated. Is this isolated incident or is there more of us? See sample:
  12. Dear Mathijs and Guenter, thank you for your reply. I am looking forward once NavData will be offered for Aerowinx PSX. I will subscribe to it once available. Sincerely, Andrej
  13. Hello, don't want to sound rude, but am I asking this question in the appropriate forum? Is there a better way to get an answer (such as email)? Thank you, Andrej
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