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  1. Hi Omar, thanks for another amazing update! My wallet and I are ready.
  2. Very true, but at least OP has OFP in a desired version. Having been first introduced to the FAA format some 20 years ago, I prefer the ICAO one.
  3. So if you want to see .. instead of DCT in the flight plan, go to the Configuration -> Panning / Units, in Route Format -> Output Format change from ICAO to FAA Then you need to find and/or select proper OFP format that is formatted for the FAA direct presentation. I belive that PFPX default has DCT option only (as this is global standard). I would suggest to search US airlines OFP files on the aerosoft forum. Look for UAL, DAL, or SWA. Maybe there is a specific FAA format (for domestic operations).
  4. As far as I know, direct are used in the US airspace regularly (for US flights). Instead of WAYPOINT/NAVAID DCT WAYPOINT/NAVAID, it is presented WAYPOINT/NAVAID..WAYPOINT/NAVAID or just WAYPOINT/NAVAID[space]WAYPOINT/NAVAID Here is an example of UAL2264 flight scheduled on May 7, 2020: NEWEL J60 HCT VOAXA Q136 RUMPS OAL INYOE DYAMD5 https://flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL2264/history/20200507/1710Z/KEWR/KSFO
  5. Thanks for another update and awesome shot! Yak-40, the original regional jet.
  6. Hello, this is a screenshot from my Export options. XPlane is there. In regards to your second question, I humbly believe that it is a good (great) tool. I own it since version 1.0 days. Hope this helps!
  7. Thank you for your reply. I really like what I see, hence rest assured that if you ever come to X-Plane, I will be buying all your work (especially LZIB, LZKZ, LZTT) and any new additions. When I was young boy, I was fortunate enough to fly on Yak 40 as well. LKPR - LZIB - LZKZ. But this was some thirty years ago. Sincerely, Andrej
  8. Hello Aikadil, I humbly believe that this software is still (very much) relevant. I have been using it since version 1.00 and update to 2.00 took a lot of time. As Dave stated, it is a flight planning product, stand alone one. I still believe that it is the best flight planning software out there. It is very complex and it is challenging. But it is also very rewarding to plan a flight plan (proper one to say). For one, I like that the fact that you can have various cruise speed settings (e.g. from CI, to fixed Max, to ECON / LRC; I know several airlines actually have such "fluid" cruise speed in a single flight). Try to update RADs with each navdata updates and you have very relevant product. It has many features and details that may be not very clear at the beginning, but are used by dispatchers. I am certain that once MSFS 2020 is released, PFPX will be updated (if necessary) to support its files. For 90% of my flights, I use Aerowinx PSX (B744 simulator), and developers were able to add its flight plan files (early on). Cheers, Andrej
  9. Looks incredible, Omar! Looking forward to any and all updates.
  10. Looks amazing! Great job Pavel. I wish your work was available for X-plane.
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