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Reccomended Scenery for the upcoming A330 by Aerosoft


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Hi, I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for route and scenery that I could buy for the A330 (when its released). I own 3 airports in Europe so with the A330 I plane to fly medium haul, if anybody has good scenery please reply thx.

This is my first post btw. :)

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I've moved your topic as it is not reall a support issue. ;)

Well in general any bigger Hub in Europe and the US and Asia. Look at flights from those airlines operating a A330 and check their destinations.

Example: Lufthansa Munich - Washington Dulles

Sceneries: Aersoft Mega Airport EDDM and Flightbeam KIAD

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The A330 is mostly used for intercontinental flights (Europe - America for example), altough shorter flights are also possible of course. You say you own 3 airports in Europe, so that's a good thing to start with. I don't know wich airports you got, but possible destinations could be Toronto (FlyTampa), New York JFK or Newark (Drzewiecki Design), Orlando (Taxi2Gate) or if you don't want to cross the ocean you could fly the other way. Dubai (FlyTampa) or Mumbai (Thai Creation) are nice destinations. Plenty of choice.

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Step 1 - Look of the largest operator of this aircraft. My top favorite.


Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways
Etihad Airways


Step 2 - Look for their hubs.


VHHH - Hong Kong

OTHH - Doha

OMAA - Abu Dhabi


Step 3 - Look for available payware sceneries.


VHHH - Taxi2Gate (I didn't use it, but the company is really establishing itself as a strong player in the market).

OTHH - Taxi2Gate (I used it. It is great. Just not aerosoft. But great. First make sure you have AI traffic flying into the airport. It is new).

OMAA - Simbreeze (Looks like a new kid on the block. The pictures are great. I will be getting this soon).


Something that I omitted but might be of interest to you.


Turkish Airlines

Delta Airlines


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