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  1. Hi I realize that there was a patch that just released however after downloading it my issue still persists. I am using the thrustmaster airbus throttle and have bound it to the throttle 1 and throttle 2 axis (no 100% stuff). In the settings menu the throttle moves however in the game and in the throttle calibration ipad menu nothing moves. Additionally my spoiler axis also does not move in game and only does in the settings menu. Other default aircraft work fine however.
  2. Question: When do we turn on the probe heat? I noticed that it is not a checklist item but during shutdown it is (to turn it off) so I'm not sure when I should turn on probe heat
  3. I think this is related but I don't think the ground air cart works. In the sense that the cabin temp stays the same as the outside air temp. maybe i am doing something wrong but shouldn't the ground air cart start changing the cabin air temp once connected?
  4. Hi there I wanted to try a turnaround in the crj and all was working well after I landed. I shut down the engines, left the apu running and the main flight plan had reset. However once inputting my new cruising fl in the perf page the fps dropped to 4 fps and stayed there for 5 min. Is the CRJ not able to handle a turnaround? It looks like the code freaks out and lags up the plane once you try that.
  5. Oh wow we posted at around the same time. Glad to see I'm not the only one having the issue.
  6. Hi there just got the CRJ, I can't fly it sadly because it doesn't respond to any throttle inputs. I've tried using the calibrator but it doesn't even show the raw input data (it just shows -----) and when setting a position it defaults to -999999. However in default aircraft my throttle works fine. And I can see in the controls menu that the throttle is detected. I have made sure that reverse axis is not selected. Could it be because I have FSUIPC installed?
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