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  1. Cathay Pacific 777 taking off, hope its still visible at night.
  2. ManBOSS64

    CTD on P3D V3

    Ok.. Its just I've never had this problem before. I'll try that and see if it crashes later on in the flight.
  3. ManBOSS64

    CTD on P3D V3

    Hello, I have started experiencing a ctd everytime I load the a318/19 on p3d v3. I have tried to reinstall the whole sim and every addon that I installed I would run the sim to check it wasn't causing the problem but it has to be the airbus. The only workaround I have found is if I start in another plane and then switch to the airbus. This is what happens: I start the game and as the loading finishes it crashes and says P3D has stopped working. There is no other error.
  4. yea i think those can be achieved through a camera addon like chaseplane or ezdok
  5. I'm not at all sure but I have heard people say that aerosoft always has the APU sound way too loud, I find this true. Is that correct in real life?
  6. Are the different aspects of the plane (MCDU, Flight Dynamics) being developed along side the modelling? or is there little work to be done because you already have the A320?
  7. just wondering on the A330 say you need to divert is the alternate route for that? How do you do quick turn arounds or in mid flight change the landing destination
  8. Regarding the Airbus line up and pricing I have the Airbus X Extended which I used the code to upgrade to JUST the A318/19 (so I didn't upgrade to the combo with the A320/21) will I be able to use my A318/19 which I upgraded to, to then again upgrade to the A330? Thanks
  9. Why does everyone like the dragonair livery? (No offense but it looks really white and plain )
  10. Yea I wasn't really asking Sorry if you thought thats what I meant
  11. I'm guessing a 2016 release won't be possible? (That's fine by me I would rather have a working A330)
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