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  1. A220-300 with the -100 on the sides. Will be a great 2020.
  2. Hello everyone, I think I spotted a gap in the market. IATA: DWC ICAO: OMDW Such a big gap that not only has no developer made a scenery for that airport, even P3D default doesn't have it. And as operations of Emirates SkyCargo and FlyDubai move to it, this will become a prominent destination. What does Mathijs think?
  3. Airbus A330-200 Gulf Air (Standard Livery) Airbus A330-300 Qatar Airways Etihad Airways Airbus A330-200F DHL
  4. I am not a developer, but this doesn't exactly look like something in their scope of work. This has more to do with lighting than cloud texture files. And since Aerosoft does everything, I thought I might as well put it out over here.
  5. Guys, I noticed a major shortcoming on flight simulation that makes night time flying boring. In real life, the clouds and atmosphere around a city reflects the lights on ground. In FS, the clouds don't reflect anything. If Aerosoft can make this small functionality, I think it will be a big difference maker.
  6. WSSS - Singapore, Singapore VIDP - Delhi, India VECC - Kolkata, India VOMM - Chennai, India
  7. Hi guys, Is there a possibility of an LFPG version 2?
  8. I was about to recommend an Indian airport. Then I saw a landslide of similar recommendations, mostly from accounts with just 1 or 2 posts on this forum.
  9. Mathijs,


    I just went to the local store in Jeddah, and to my surprise, they have gotten rid of the entire PC games section. Focusing solely on video games now. But I think it is just this branch. Will check out others very soon, and let you know.



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