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  1. Hi all Thanks a lot, now it works. Peter
  2. Hi Very happy with the CRJ 700. Running version 1.0.4. The flight director horizontal line during taxing I think shows correct (pic 1) The flight director horizontal line during takeoff (after vR)) I think is not correct (pic 2). Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong. Thanks Peter
  3. Hi I have the MSFS store version and the CRJ 700 direct from Aerosoft and the Thrustmaster Airbus edition throttel set. What I did: Just downloaded the new version 1.0.3 from my instant downloads from Aerosoft and executetd the installation file just over the old version 1.0.1. Flight from LSZH to LSGG, everything worked fine and also the glidesloap on the ILS RW22 worked perfect. I liked it very much. Peter LSZH
  4. Hi all Very happy with the CRJ 700 flying on VATSIM. As controller I have the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus. Calibrated including the reversers with the inbuilt calibration page in the CRJ tablet; works very good. When I switch on the two engines, N1 goes to about 20% idle, very good. Then I switch on the Anti-ice ON allready on ground, the engines N1 goes up to 45% N1. Switching Anti-ice OFF returns to 20% N1. Is this normal or schould I only put Anti-Ice ON during flight? Thanks Peter
  5. Hi all (now in english sorry) Today making a flight from Zurich to London City with the CRJ 700; super, everything without any stutter and smooth. Simbrief: LSZH VEBIT T51 LASUN UT10 RLP UL613 SOVAT EGLC. Landing on RW27 via SOVAC1C and LAV1G, the final flying manually (the glidepath does not work correctly on the CRJ 700) I am very happy with the CRJ 700 (I would like to have an Autothrottle) and I hope that the remaining bugs are corrected soon; Aerosoft super done, thanks. Peter
  6. Hallo zusammen Heute machte ich einen Flug von Zürich nach London City mit der CRJ 700; war super und alles ruckfrei und smooth. Simbrief: LSZH VEBIT T51 LASUN UT10 RLP UL613 SOVAT EGLC. Landung auf dem RW27 via SOVAC1C and LAV1G, den Schluss dann von Hand, da leider das ILS beim CRJ 700 am Endanflug immer noch nicht richtig funktioniert. Bin mit der CRJ 700 sehr zufrieden (ausser, dass er keinen Autothrottel hat) und hoffe, dass die restlichen Bugs bald ausgebügelt sind; Aerosoft: super gemacht. Peter
  7. I have NO issues after updating: Using the FlyByWire with liveries (Swiss / Edelweis) plane and the CRJ700 with SWISS livery. Peter / LSZH
  8. Where are you engaging the "stab trim"? Peter
  9. Hi Valter Super your video; exactly what happened for me everytime I make a ILS approach. I think they are working on it; the temporary solution is to swich off the AP when it happens and land mannualy. Um abraço Peter
  10. The same as for Valter for me too at LSGG RW22 ILS approach. Peter
  11. Hi all I am (70years old and more than 20 y flightsimming) also very satisfied with the CRJ700, two days ago downloaded; all videos seen in Youtube, part of the manuals read. Yesterday first flight around LSZH Zurich. Today manualy TO RW34 LSZH, climb to 10000f towards LSGG Geneva, turn back direction to appr RW14 LSZH, tune ILS14 111.75 descend to 4000f at CI14 - appr mode and the plane intercepted LOC and GS smoothly and perfect at 180 knots. 300f over ground AP off and manual landing with reverser. Worked very nice for a 1.0 version. Thanks to Aerosoft and Digital Aviation. 33 fps, no stutters and very very smooth flight. Peter
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