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  1. I will stay on the CRJ 700, very happy with it.
  2. Hi all Thanks a lot; very interesting, especially Hermans explanations. So I will alternate use and not the reversers. Greetings from LSZH / Switzerland
  3. Hi Do we have to use the reversers allways after touchdown or only when the runway is short? I saw the Dude landing video and he uses the reversers. But some airports dont like whwn we use the reversers because of additional noise. Thanks. Peter
  4. Hi all Can anybody tell me the ICAO Approach category of the CRJ 550/700/900/1000? Thanks. Peter
  5. For me to. Flying only the CRJ 700 for IFR. Very enjoing. Peter
  6. I am back in the sky again; what I did: BIOS Update Clean the 1 TB SSD Disk Install a new Win10 home from a USB stick with a totally new Windows Id. Create a new XBox Id for this new Windows Id. Got a new licence (Standard Edition) from MS-Store of the MSFS and installed it on the new Win10 Home. What of this items solved my problem, I do not know. Now, everything works ok again. A lot of lost hours trying to solve the problem and an additional sFr 75 for a new licence! Nevertheless I am back again! Peter
  7. Hi all I am lost. Maybe someone of Aerosoft or the developer of the CRJ can give me a hint (Hinweis) what to do? Even Zendesk has no sulution for me. I have MSFS Premium version from the MS-store since the begining of the MSFS. I also have the Aerosoft CRJ700 direct from Aerosoft in the Community folder. Everything worked super until about one month ago. Suddenly I could not anymore load eg a Cessna stock plane in the MSFS; it hangs after ca 3/4 of the loading process (blue bar); killing via task manager is the only solution. Whe I load the CRJ, everything works super; it loads quickly and ready to fly. Why I can not load a "normal" MSFS plane but can load the CRJ? After searching dozens of forums and tried with empty community folder etc; 3 times reinstalling msfs and twice including new Win10, the result is the same. What I discovered: When I change the setting DATA/online functionality to OFF -> the stockplane loads but no Bing data etc; when I change the settings back to ON after the stock plane is loaded the sim freezes after 2-3 min. 2021-09-18: Today I bought from Just Flight the PA-28R Turbo Arrow; it sits also in the Community Folder --> does not load / stocks on loading. What can I do? Thanks Peter / LSZH
  8. Thanks Tom I just did it. Will see if they can solve my problem; I will report. Peter
  9. Thanks. I did it, but the same problem again. The only plane that I can load and fly the last days is the CRJ700 that I got directly from Aerosoft and is in the Community folder (only one entry in the CF is the CJR700). With or without anything in the Community folder: No Asobo/MS planes can be used, stuck during loading (see pic).
  10. Hi I did 1 and 2 but: NO success. Sorry. Thanks Peter
  11. Tom Thanks. Linker Tool: not using MSFS from the store default location: YES Moved MSFS: NO Peter
  12. Hi Thanks. No, I alwyas start MSFS as an Admin. Does not work. All planes that comes with the MSFS do not load / work, also the planes I owned in the marketplace from Asobo e.g. TOP Rudder 103. Only my favorite the CRJ700 works (owned directly from Aerosoft); I do not know why. Very frustrating. Peter
  13. It is not an Aerosoft problem but maybe someone had this problem also: Since two days ago I can not load anymore any stockplane; after selecting plane and airport the loading process stops after 3/4 of the blue loading line. So I was advised to uninstall and reinstall MSFS and I did it. But no success. The only plane that I can load and fly is the CRJ700. Does anybody have an idea why? Thanks Peter
  14. Hi Hermann Thanks. I am using LSGG from REDWING and LSZH from FSDreamTeam. But I think that the sceneries dont make any differences. I reproduced it today morning, I explain it and I think you can test it also. MSFS2020 from the store, load the CRJ700 at LSGG any stand in the "default state - Ready for startup mode". Load the route from SimBrief LSGG MOLUS N871 BERSU LSZH. Up to now everything is OK. Set DEP/ARR in the FMC: DEP LSGG RW04 MOLU4N, up to now everything OK. Select ARR LSZH RW14 BERS1G, in this moment the HDG indicator and the aircraft symbol disapper (both), see picture ils14. When you select RW16 BERS1G everything works OK, see piture ils16. Strange? Peter / LSZH
  15. You are right. I tried ILS 16 and it works fine, no problem. Maybee one of the Aerosoft people can help us. Peter
  16. Hi all After last update 1.6 I am missing two things in the right monitor where I have my track: No HDG indicator (in the left monitor its ok). No plane symbol in the middle of the circle. Is this a bug or do I something wrong? Thanks. Peter
  17. Same for me too. ILS glidepath does not capture anymore. Thanks for working on it; in the meantime I do some fully manual approaches, no problem. Peter
  18. Hi all Thanks a lot, now it works. Peter
  19. Hi Very happy with the CRJ 700. Running version 1.0.4. The flight director horizontal line during taxing I think shows correct (pic 1) The flight director horizontal line during takeoff (after vR)) I think is not correct (pic 2). Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong. Thanks Peter
  20. Hi I have the MSFS store version and the CRJ 700 direct from Aerosoft and the Thrustmaster Airbus edition throttel set. What I did: Just downloaded the new version 1.0.3 from my instant downloads from Aerosoft and executetd the installation file just over the old version 1.0.1. Flight from LSZH to LSGG, everything worked fine and also the glidesloap on the ILS RW22 worked perfect. I liked it very much. Peter LSZH
  21. Hi all Very happy with the CRJ 700 flying on VATSIM. As controller I have the Thrustmaster TCA Airbus. Calibrated including the reversers with the inbuilt calibration page in the CRJ tablet; works very good. When I switch on the two engines, N1 goes to about 20% idle, very good. Then I switch on the Anti-ice ON allready on ground, the engines N1 goes up to 45% N1. Switching Anti-ice OFF returns to 20% N1. Is this normal or schould I only put Anti-Ice ON during flight? Thanks Peter
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