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  1. Thanks for your work Hans. I definitely see an improvement with the latest DLL. However has the PFD refresh rate been reduced?
  2. I'm afraid so, and that would be very disrespectful to the customers who supported aerosoft all these years. I hope its not the case and I wait for an official response.
  3. I did a flight after many months, with the latest version and I can confirm the same performance problems. 10900K, 2080TI, 32GB of Ram. On all other payware planes I have smooth performance. On the CRJ the fps is jumping from 60 to single numbers during the flight. Certainly adding to the previous reported issues, something is wrong with the plane. Can @Hans Hartmann let us know if he's working on this?
  4. Amazing previews Jo! I just hope MSFS does not get priority on this over P3D. This is a major airliner hub and for P3D would be so much more useful to release first.
  5. Hi all, Haven't flown the DC-8 for some time and realized there is no P3Dv5 installer yet? Can we have some news about this?
  6. Thank you for the reply Oliver. I just bought the scenery to find out.
  7. Hi, Looking into buying your latest Hamburg scenery, I have a question. Looking at the product screenshots, it looks like the ground textures are not as high resolution as for the Munich pro scenery. Munich pro has extremely high quality ground textures, but the one in Hamburg look more of less resolution and much more uniform. Is this correct? Some close ups for comparison would help.
  8. Hello, Will the above issues be addressed? I haven't bought the scenery but seeing this issues I'm hesitating if they are not addressed.
  9. No problem. Thank you Dave! Have a pleasant evening.
  10. Hi @DaveCT2003 ! Thank you very much for replying. I am looking under "Old Downloads" as this was a purchase I made long ago.
  11. Hi, I see that the P3Dv5 version of Skiathos has been updated in Aerosoft servers? In my case its still the 1.5 version from 2017. See below:
  12. Amazing detail Jo! I couldn't expect something less from you, your skills are outstanding! Can't wait to get it released and enjoy in P3Dv5. With all these enhancements in version 5 and the skills of developers like you, we are closer and closer to sim nirvana : ) As a side question, I'm curious if you are a planning to use the slopped runways feature of v5, although Brussels runways shouldn't have much of a slope.
  13. Amazing news! Seems like we will be getting what we was hoping for for many years. Thank you Rob for all the comparison work and reporting !
  14. Starting another flight, the problem did not happen.
  15. Hi, I am experiencing probably a bug where I can't shut down the APU. It stays on and the button on 'Avail' green light stays on whatever I do. From the Ground to Cruise to landing, the APU wouldn't shut down besides the APU being set to the stop (pushbutton-out) position.
  16. Thanks for the reply. However I think it would be nice if you could make a snow layer to match ORBX textures, at some point.
  17. Hi, Is this how Heathrow Prof for P3Dv4 is supposed to look on winter? Or what is wrong in this case?
  18. For Chania? I really don't know..I live in Europe. Thanks for trying again Dave.
  19. @Tom A320, sorry if it annoyed you, I guess that is the purpose of the tag option, to call specific people to respond to something.
  20. It works, but I lose the latest texture updates..Okay, I'll wait for the fix then. Thanks for the confirmation Tom.
  21. Thank you very much for the reply Dave! Unfortunately for me it doesn't work. It still gives this error I posted above. Did you tried with the Chania airport and it got update to the latest version?
  22. Good timing for the server to go down..on a Sunday when there is no support
  23. @Mathijs Kok , @masterhawk , @manwlo, @Tom A320 , @OPabst could someone please look into it? Fresh copy from Aerosoft, and does not update.
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