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  1. according latest info also somewhere on this forum not earlier then around may-june next year, products are expected in US around march-april 2019, but because of delay already more then a year, hope they will be available in 2019 at all.
  2. thanks for advise, should be maybe idea to mentions this in changelog, because normally updates are mostly larger in size then previous versions. know what to do know thanks for quick reply. rgds
  3. have downloaded update, but file size is a lot smaller then Original V1.0 , it is necessary to uninstall V1.00 before installing or can installer be runned over existing version . because update now a days goes via updater cannot see how to handle this update thanks for reply.
  4. as far as I know you need to disable EDDN in elevation configurator of ORBX. that will help to get your flying cars to groundlevel.
  5. Hallo Matthijs is there an update downloadable for the DVD version sold on FSweekend ?
  6. I am pretty sure there is one , because It was sold on FS weekend in Lelystad by aerosoft, and have it here in front of me. rgds ,
  7. Cannot submit a ticket to support, account suspended ?? dont know what is going on, but how can I get in contact. rgds
  8. Hello, Have bought this airport on DVD at FS weekend in Lelystad, because update is no available via updater, how can I download update because it is not in my digital download section, where can normally updates can be downloaded. rgds sydney
  9. Should anyway go for at least 6 or 8 Gb videocard, buying a new 3 gb card is thrown away money.
  10. If you follows aswell other flightsim forums, then you can read it is in development , aswell some other major european capital airports.
  11. Also keep in mind when there is something with your hard drive you will loss everything. that why I have all versions on separate harddrives. new harddisk cost less then days of installing especially when more then one simulator installed.
  12. hello Herman I am already 5 years forum member of Orbx , and I am quite regular visitor. also is stated that aerosoft lszh is not compatible because of some reasons I will not discuss here. but as always with some tricks , it is possible to scenery workable.
  13. no, I have all sceneries none orbx above orbx.files. but was easy fix , only didn't know that LOWS and LSZH files were in GES intregrated. was looking in others places then in GES Files.
  14. the default tower I could only remove, when disabling manually the three LSZH files in GES Scenery folder, the files in the fix only removed the strange textures. rgds
  15. When I read this stated by Matthijs himself, I think I can read very well. Quote If you want to go back on topic, the news is not brilliant. We found a limitation in P3d V4.1 that causes us major headaches. If it is not solved some of our ideas are simply not possible. Now we are not the only ones affected and there are several parties talking to Lockheed. It is (in our opinion) a trivial change they have to make but we wasted four days trying to find out what we did wrong only to discover we did nothing wrong. Now Lockheed has been the most cool company we ever worked with (looking at you Microsoft) in these regards so we have good hope it will be sorted out. But it was confusing and frustrating to check and check code again and not seeing the issue. unquote
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