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  1. prepar3d V3.4 what they now use ? rgds
  2. after installing V1.04 don't see lead-in lights anymore in evening, what can cause this issue, in all former version lead in lights were Always visable. pls advise rgds
  3. Setting is 1m , so that is not an issue, can you advise if these houses near runway are belonging to default p3d autogen or are they part of your scenery, when it is default is it maybe possible to advise how to switch them off better for me no building then floating buildings in airspace. rgds.
  4. Find attached picture floating houses near end runway 23 madeira
  5. Sim version is P3D v3.4 , have to make some shots when home. when taking off from 05 it is not very noticable, but when taxiien from a gate to runway 23, when entering runway for backtrack you can see it straight in front of you.
  6. Have some floating houses near end of runway 23, have followed all instructions and have put all .bgl files off that were required when using Orbx but cannot find files that making these autogen buildings floating. don't know if they are default of part of madeira scenery. anybody else this issue ? pls check.
  7. Yes I know, but if you run 32bit scenery in 64bit environment it will stay 32bit, we can now also run stuff in windows 64bit ,but with all the known restrictions.
  8. what will be interesting to know,will scenery be released aswell in 32 and 64 bit variant, and maybe also interested to know will 32 bit scenery in P3D 64bit have the same restriction of 4gb limit as we have now have.
  9. Charleroi is also available and recently updated by Voie blue
  10. simbreez has done GCTS, and it is not a real bad scenery -
  11. hello Premek


    is the simobject fixer also working with version P3D V3.3.5 , because there are only

    option avaliable for version 3.2. and older


    how I can arrange my simobject.cfg is not changed after every startup, losing my ai traffic

    because simobject entry and P3D.CFG are not the same.


    rgds sydney

  12. go to your scenery.cfg and open it with notepad

    now scroll to line 115, and change line active from true to False, if correct you will have also entries at line 116, 117

    of heraklion, if you change all lines are heraklion is displayed

    on False. and save file.

    when you restart that error message must be gone

    because scenery is not loaded anymore, if you have no

    lines in you scenery library then look if you can find the

    uninstalller in programs remove in windows, and remove

    programs, entries in your cfg will also then been removed

    and scenery.cfg will be re-ordered without entries for heraklion.

    hope this can solve you issue.

  13. hello premek


    Can you confirm, if lszh , split and tegel, use the same

    apcontroller, or have each airport his own one,

    because when I have all three airport active, p3d crashes

    when loading one of the sceneries, after deactivating

    2 sceneries and only 1 active there are no issues.

    when in past zurich and split where active also the apcontroller

    was loaded twice, what leads to burnout ramp at split at nighttime.

    thanks for your comment.

    1. Premek



      Asked you several time already with SPlit and Zurich to send me your CFG files as described in troubleshooting post.

      I could not tell more without them.

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