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  1. Hello Shaun, Did the guys reply anything?
  2. I too experience CTDs with Switzerland Pro X every time I go to any place (in FS9 menu or using the map) inside the SE area in spring only. It happens too, there and then only, if I change the season choosing spring with any aircraft. So I wonder if the problem is not corrupted or missing texture related. Iouri
  3. Swadeep, sorry, there is something wrong on your machine, it's not an AES bug. I've just made a flight from Chubu - AES worked as it should. Good luck! Iouri
  4. That's not funny at all! I'd love to have KGEG ! I spent a half of my life (I hope "a half") waiting for it! Oh please, somebody, anybody!!!...
  5. For those who wonder where to find the patch for Overland Minna no kukou 4 boxed boxed, here's the link: http://www.overland.co.jp/public/download/...date_081222.zip . The Overland customer suppord promiced to update their web page too. Merry XMAS and Happy New Year Iouri
  6. Just to make it a bit more clear: the Overland boxed version available on Simmarket IS supported when correctly patched. Iouri
  7. Shame on me! How comes I missed it! Still, it doesn't state that Scenery Germany 3 users (not only UT users) should desable first 4 files too. They don't really hurt but they caused me some micro-stutters (well, I believe it was them) as everything is fluide now that I disabled them. Thanks, Rainer Iouri
  8. Now something different as I haven't found it in the manual: The scenery folder has it's own _402-109owl.bgl A402-109owl_3.bgl A402-109owl_5.bgl A402-109owl_9.bgl Traffic_OWL2005.bgl Traffic_EDLD_EDLE_EDLM.bgl Shouldn't the useres of other AS products (like Scenery Germany 3, for example) disable the same previously installed files? I bet they should. Regards Iouri
  9. Hi Shaum I think the gates A-C 1 radiuses should be increased to allow aircrafts as big as 737's or 757's to be parked at. Let's say 90 feet. I encreased the gates D1 and E1 up to 55 feet to make ATR's park there. Iouri
  10. Come on, Frank, I was talking about the guy on the push-back tractor so, please, no offence, unless he's a good buddy of yours. And even so, the P/B driver at the Gate B26 on December 12 2008 Lauda departure is a famous person now. Anyway, speeding up the push-back means redo the marshaller animation too as he should "learn" to run or at least walk fast in a realistic way. I don't know if Oliver will be happy with this kind of extra-work. Regards, Iouri
  11. Please, don't denounce him. The guy had had a hard day, he's gonna slow down tomorrow. Seriously, I don't see anything wrong with the push-back speed in AES. It might be faster but it might be slower as well. And let's not forget that we cannot unfortunately have the same perception of speed in FS and in real life. Maybe in FSXX... Iouri
  12. Hi Krister I have just reinstalled Arlanda: 1. Downloaded version 1.20 2. Ran this installer and chosed Remove 3. When finished, re-ran the installer and that's it. This is what I have now: 1. Green taxi lights - fixed 2. RW01R-19L (both sides) approach lights - not fixed (not bright enough, very difficult to see while everywhere else the lights are OK) 3. Well, OK... RW08 approach lights still run through a taxiway. That's all I've noticed so far. Regards Iouri
  13. Yes, there's still a void under this end of LPMA that I can't fix with a Flatten line without messing up the visual aspect of the airport. Sorry but I made several RW05 departures ( two more today) without falling through, that's why I thought there was no more problems there. Maybe my 180° turns are tighter, I have never "been" in Madeira with anything bigger than a 737. Go figure... Regard, Iouri
  14. Hi Ciro, Add these flatten lines to the Wonderful Madeira-MADLAND entry in your scenery.cfg: Flatten.0=30,N32 41.40,W16 46.92,N32 41.51,W16 46.78,N32 41.46,W16 46.70,N32 41.37,W16 46.91 Flatten.1=190,N32 41.57,W16 46.64,N32 41.57,W16 46.63,N32 41.56,W16 46.63,N32 41.56,W16 46.64 Flatten.2=190,N32 41.91,W16 46.53,N32 41.90,W16 46.48,N32 41.40,W16 47.09,N32 41.42,W16 47.11 Flatten.3=0,N32 41.34,W16 47.22,N32 41.34,W16 47.12,N32 41.31,W16 47.07,N32 41.18,W16 47.21 Flatten.4=0,N32 41.34,W16 46.94,N32 41.45,W16 46.52,N32 41.31,W16 46.47,N32 41.18,W16 46.89 Flatten.5=190,N32 41.76,W16 46.52,N32 41.
  15. I could imagine them just like I have to imagine them getting into buses. AES doesn't send some of them when you say you don't want them (deicing and push-back vehicles). Why not the buses? That's what my post is about.
  16. Of course, William, I can change the AC parameters every time I change my aircraft or even when, after landing, I'm guided to a parking with different equipment than at my departure airport. Another solution could be a new folder in Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft with only stairs models and a different intellicense in it... Anyway, this stairs "problem" is not so important, I agree. But I think that not to have buses at some gates would be a useful option. Regards Iouri
  17. Hi Oliver, Another AES addicted speaking (231 credits used) and I'm really happy with the product as it is at this moment. A couple of ideas though. 1. You have supported lots of airports where the aircrafts are parked near terminals non-equipped with jetways. In those cases the deboarding means moving stairs plus BUSES. Do we really need the buses when parked at gates 11 to 16 in LIRN or at most of Ryanair gates in EGSS (Just an example,it's not supported yet but we cross our fingers). 2. Now, Ryanair and other low-coast companies that use 737NG's. Many of them have their in-board stairs and
  18. Hi Oliver, I found a small issue at KEWR. Not sure it's the last (1.98a) version problem but I hadn't noticed it before. Iouri
  19. Strange. I use the last AES version and I don't have this issue. Iouri
  20. That's right and I solved the problem by re-running the sceneries installers. Iouri
  21. Hi Peter, A "similar" problem has been discussed at the LEMD forum short after the release of the scenery. If I remember well that had nothing to do with RAM, Active Sky or whatever but the AI traffic. I had the CDT's too because of one WOAI Spanair A319 (4Mb) texture, some other users blamed a WOAI Iberia one. After I converted that A319 texture into DXT3 (1Mb) format, no more CTD's at LEMD. Hope it helps, Iouri
  22. Good idea although we all may use different A330 models and solution may be slightly different from one user to another. My TAP AC's are from the WOAI pack and I'd be glad to give it a try. Iouri
  23. Have you tried this kind of solution (if I understand well the problem)?
  24. Hi harpsi, Please stop playing with jetways, we hardly need your AFCAD ;) Iouri
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