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  1. Sorry for the late reply, the holidays! Well i use FS global 2010 for now...
  2. Hello, I'm a happy user of Aersoft products but right now i'm having a little issue. I downloaded the newest versions via my account on Aerosoft for Mega Airport Frankfurt for FSX. Version 1.05 should be the newest. When i was rolling down the taxiway towards RWY 25R i had to cross the highway, normally they would go under the taxiway.... but the cars were just moving straight on, crossing my taxiway... Uhh can you help me our tel me what i our we should do to help and solve this issue? Regards Peter
  3. you mean if i have installed more then 4GB? The fix that is avail at Aerosoft. Then the answer is YES. MY AI traffic program does have it's own AFCAD,but with the question if i would like to install it, i clicked NO. After the complete installation of FSX and all of it's add ons, i performed a search to double AFCAD files, and removed them. SO also the default of EDDF, and there was no AFCAD installed only the one that comes along with the scenery. Peter
  4. Hello, After several verry nice flights around the globe i was approaching my final destination, EDDF. For FSX. But during the approach, at final, around 1000ft, when the airport was visual, the textures started to flicker. and when is was on 500ft and further when flair was initiated, the textures of the runway disapeared, came back and disapeared came back... also the grass of the scenery disapeared and the standard FSX grass was peaking through it. After a uneventfull landing,and vacating the runway (07L) when getting on the taxitrack, there was a hard bump... to lower ground lev
  5. Well did you install all the files of WOAI? Then is use FP_FS9_FSX (FSX FP compatibility checker and converter) it's a program that corrects the WOAI files. to FSX. Some need it. You can download it on the internet, if you can not find it, let me know, i will find the link were i did download it. Do this and check the sliders of you're ai traffic in FSX tell me how they are and if the program worked. Will continue on after that.
  6. Hi, Don't go back YET! Same was the problem over here. Look at you're slider in FSX set the AI traffic to about 85 to95% Check you're AFCAD files. There must be parking spots enough to have the aircaft parked somewhere. I have all packages installed and it's verry bussy.... sometimes a que of 15minutes in the US, at Dubai, number 6 for take off our landing... so let's find out what is wrong! greets Peter
  7. Hi Shaun, THX, for the reply, as we speak FSX is starting up. I go and have a try. Let you know if it worked. Peter IT did work! Thanks for the quick support!
  8. Hello from the netherlands, I have made finally the switch to FSX. Now operating with Vista 64bits it is fun to fly and good FPS. With high performance. So since i only fly 2weeks now with FSX, mayby i missed the discussion but i'm having the next strange problem: FSX with Accelaration pack. everything up to date with drivers etc. When i have the standard AI traffic of FSX removed and WOAI installed, patched to FSX, wich is required for WOAI i can see the WOAI at the airport EGKK from UK2000 airports. But when i fly our start at EGLL(london Heathrow) from Aerosoft there are none...
  9. Hello fellow simmers, I read this post, it is quite overhere, but i still had the CTD at LEMD, with various .bgl files who caused the crash, now reading all the posts i disabled Air Nostrum from the AI file, i have all my traffic from WOAI and no crashes anymore. i would like to share this mayby we can help you people. Peter
  10. Little update: All the files for my AI traffic are oke. I also had a CTD at EDDF on final app. with a ATC.dll Posted in other forum already talking about EDDF CTD with AES. For now i disable AES. Waiting for a fix. I also checked the AFCAD, but that was ok. I will fly today and see how it works with AES deactivated..... If you ask me, it looks like the hardware of computers, are running faster then FS2004 can handle. Problems started when i upgraded to 4Gb. (yes installed the 3gb patch. Peter For people who are interested: NO CTD's with LEMD AES deactivated. Also other airports with AES de
  11. sorry, i think i missed that answer, that he knew wat caused the CTD. It was only to give more info. Peter
  12. Hello fellow fs friends I was reading this topic. Really impressed by the way you all try to solve the problem. and find out what is causing the CDT's. This evening i was making a flight from EGLL to EDDF and a CTD occured about 3nm out of 25L Mayby you have something in sharing some info from me. But mayby it is nothing. I have: FS9.1 patched with 3Gb patch. I have FS global2008 Ground Enviroment Flight Enviroment WOAI ai traffic installed. (note that in LEMD CTD's a A319 file of Iberia our Spanair mayby caused the CTD's) I was flying a B767-300 from LEVEL D with FS2crew. On the backgrou
  13. Well i have not the FS atc anymore. I'm using RadarContact. So a program outside FS. Still strange that it will crash. Is there something wrong in the AFCAD file mayby? Because ATC programs looking at AFCAD files. Thx for the link to the program, i work on it right away. Same here, it also happend when is was switching from tower to ground. And it happens on LEMD only for me. No other airport has given me these problems. Peter
  14. Oke, this is interesting.... I have WOAI installed. And now i remember that when i was testing some installed software, before AI was installed, it worked fine! So let me get this straight: I need to convert the textures to DXT3 of my A319 WOAI Spanair A319? I will also do the Iberia.... just in case. But how do i convert that to DXT3? Thanks for so far... i almost started to put LEMD to my no go airports in FS... Peter
  15. I hope i will get some help here, more then last time. I have flown from EGLL to LEMD. with the LEVEL D B767-300ER, with Radar Contact on, Active Sky 6.5 AI-smooth. All went verry well, heavy landing due to heavy thunderstorms and rain. But oke, it was a nice soft landing. Only thing, when vacating the runway,18R looking to the left, contacting ground i got a CTD. This time it was a ATC.dll I have installed, the 4GB patch with all that is needed. The FS is a fresh install on a new harddisk.... I had AES installed on EGLL and on LEMD. So please help me what is wrong, seems i only get a cras
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