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  1. The strange markings shown in Josu's post appear because the alpha channels in all of the 2048x2048 textures have been flipped vertically. They can be corrected by users that are familiar with manipulating texture files but it would be better for the author to issue a fix.
  2. AES only works with the payware scenery of Tegucigalpa made by Latin VFR. This scenery comes with an automated installer, so if you didn't use it something's wrong. AES won't work with the freeware MHTG by Henry Carcamo or any other version. Matthew
  3. It's definitely not "Auxiliary Power Unit" then? Because that has 1 L and 3 I's? Matthew
  4. Shaun, I think you may have swapped an I for an L in there somewhere Matthew
  5. You need to download an update from the UK2000 site to make EGBB AES compatible: http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page16.html Matthew
  6. On second thoughts I think this should be closer: 1) 2.67 knots 2) 960 feet 3) 1745 feet Matthew
  7. I'll have a try with: 1) 2.67 knots 2) 975 feet 3) 1450 feet Matthew
  8. No, all credits bought for previous versions are still valid. The new base pack can be downloaded here: http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/aes/AS_Airport-Enhancement-Services_V207.zip
  9. When you say you can't get it to work, what exactly is the problem? Does the aircraft not show up at all or do the textures not display? To get repaints for the EvolveAI A319 to work with the DJC A319 all you need to do is rename the textures from, e.g., EvolveAI_A319_IAE_t.bmp to DJC_A319_IAE_t.bmp and EvolveAI_A319_IAE_l.bmp to DJC_A319_IAE_l.bmp The EvolveAI model has been withdrawn by the author so you are probably better off trying to get the DJC version to work rather than trying to find a copy of the EvolveAI model. Matthew
  10. Yes, I needed the clue this time.
  11. Well, if no-one else is going to have a go: Lockheed Starlifter Matthew
  12. I would never have got it without the hint: Space Shuttle Atlantis
  13. "Aerosoft Rules" by any chance? Matthew
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