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  1. Thank you 🙂, I was looking for one that resembles the Jet2 OFP, I have an original OFP put difficult to find one the same, I tried having ago making one but simply made a complete mess as the tables/lines are quite finely.
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows any OFP that I could download that looks like the ones used by Sabre and Flightkeys flight planning thanks
  3. Good Morning I was wondering if anybody manage to produce a Jet2 OFP? regs
  4. ICAO: TGPY NAME: RICHER SIMULATIONS - CARIBSKY GRENADA X FSX TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Richer Simulations LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/richer-simulations-caribsky-grenada-x.phtml
  5. Hi


    Good job on the PFPX BAW cirrus OFP, I note a small anomly in that the MSA depicted is not correct, maybe you could have a look 



  6. Thank you for that. Can I still use my past credit serial codes I purchased in the past?
  7. Hi Firstly I have read this topic, but couldn't reply because it was locked: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/51746-aes-transfer-to-new-computer/#entry351313 I have finally made the move from FS9 to FSX. I have bought a new machine for FSX, I have removed everyhing from my old PC that contains AES and FS9 and the add ons that used AES. 1) I have always bought my AES credits from Simnmarket dating back from 2007 till present, I have a record on simmarket of these codes, can I still use them without having to copy the previous files on my PC to my new machine, ie, could I simply reactivate those Airports that are compatible with FSX? 2) Are the credits valid for FSX versions, for example using UK2000 Manchester FS9, can this be used with FSX now without having to buy additional credits? Thanks
  8. Anything to report, surely something can be said. Just really excited about a Dubai scenery coming out.
  9. Any small updates with regards to Dubai Project ?
  10. What about Max Kraus recently released FIMP (Mauritius) for FS2004.
  11. Dougal, I have both LHR Version from Aerosoft and UK2000. Now in my opinion the advantage of Aerosoft: . The details on Air Bridges and Terminal 1 Silver roof and around Bath road is excellent, and good ground marking. . You can download a file via Aerosoft support which reduces the Green lighting intensity Disdavantage of Aerosoft: No updtaes planned for the scenery, and you never get a reply via Sim Wings .Terminal 5 not modelled well at all .Night lighting makes it look like FS default, IE not like Paris CDG Sim Wings or Frankfurt UK2000 LHR Extreme, Excellent Ground vehicle movements Excellent Night lighting effect Excellent replica of LHR T5 The only negative comments, is that the Bath Rd is not as detailed as Aerosoft. Overall, I like them both, but I have decided to stay with UK2000 as there is future updates and the scenery is slighly better in my opinion.
  12. Thanks Shaun, I guess I miss read them, although personally it would be great if they updated the night lighting around the apron like MEGA CDG. Thanks again.
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