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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows any OFP that I could download that looks like the ones used by Sabre and Flightkeys flight planning thanks
  2. Good Morning I was wondering if anybody manage to produce a Jet2 OFP? regs
  3. Thank you Tom, The post you refer to is back in June, surely there must be a better estimate if Oliver can resume at least partly updating AES for FSX, given it to somebody else to ease his workload. I am now left with a lot of unused credits to a point where I wish I didn't purchase them, in fact if I could have a refund for them I would be happy, but that is not realistic, I am sorry but it's extremely dissapointing that FSX has been sidelined when surely some updates could have been achieved between after Jan and now. I realise you or Oliver may not be happy with my post and the last thing I will do is get into an argument so I will leave it and let you have the last word, but suffice to say it's a very very poor show from Oliver.
  4. I think we are all awaiting a long overdue update ? It would be courtesy at least some timeline and confirmation that FSX isn't being forgotten
  6. Hi


    Good job on the PFPX BAW cirrus OFP, I note a small anomly in that the MSA depicted is not correct, maybe you could have a look 



  7. Thank you for that. Can I still use my past credit serial codes I purchased in the past?
  8. Hi Firstly I have read this topic, but couldn't reply because it was locked: I have finally made the move from FS9 to FSX. I have bought a new machine for FSX, I have removed everyhing from my old PC that contains AES and FS9 and the add ons that used AES. 1) I have always bought my AES credits from Simnmarket dating back from 2007 till present, I have a record on simmarket of these codes, can I still use them without having to copy the previous files on my PC to my new machine, ie, could I simply reactivate those Airports that are compatible with FSX? 2) Are the credits valid for FSX versions, for example using UK2000 Manchester FS9, can this be used with FSX now without having to buy additional credits? Thanks
  9. Anything to report, surely something can be said. Just really excited about a Dubai scenery coming out.
  10. Any small updates with regards to Dubai Project ?
  11. What about Max Kraus recently released FIMP (Mauritius) for FS2004.
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