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  1. Yesterday i tried my first flight in the WT G1000 (with a C208) and...oh my god, this thing is such an improvement to the Asobo one. Letalone the crisp clear display and usability. Is it planned to have a TwinOtter with a G1000 as well?
  2. Bin sicher, Stuttgart wird auch irgendwann von Aerosoft kommen. Ist auch mein Lieblingsflughafen. Solange vergnüge ich mich mit dem schönen Friedrichshafen am Bodensee um Test- und Trainingsflüge zu absolvieren und für den ein oder anderen Abstecher in die Alpen.
  3. Can´t wait for this bird anymore! Will it be available in the AS shop and in the MSFS ingame store? Does it make a difference for AS where we buy it (=is there a provision in the ingame store for Asobo / MS)? I want to buy the version where 100% goes to the developers.
  4. Looking forward, looking forward, looking forward, looking forward, looking forward, looking forward, looking forward,....
  5. Thanks for the Info, Mathijs. Wish you guys a silent and healthy Christmas Time.
  6. Looking forward to this bird. The AS Twin Otter was my all-time favorite for FSX and P3D. This will be the aircraft for my exploration of the FS20 world Did not read everything: Will be a GPS integrated?
  7. After weeks of frustration with MSFS (Bugs, installation Issues, aircraft bugs, more installation issues, did i mention bugs, sensitivity issues, bugs, ATC issues, more bugs, weather issues, and finally some more bugs), i re-installed my beloved P3D 4.5 yesterday. Together with ORBX sceneries, Active Sky, some Aerosoft Airports, the Airbus, the Twin Otter, some Carenados and A2A.....i enjoyed flying around today around Zürich, Friedrichshafen, Frankfurt....and was very satisfied. If P3D Addons will still appear, i will be open to buy them.
  8. PaladinX

    MS FS

    Blos keine alten Addons aufwärmen. Wer möchte, soll damit in den alten Sims herumfliegen. Es ist Zeit für was Neues. Und das kommt jetzt, mit einem großen BANG! Und ich hoffe es kommen vieeeele nette neue 3rd Party Addons.
  9. Hi all, im thinking about the Yoke as a replacement for my old Saitek. What i am not clear about is - are drivers or special software required? Or does Windows recognize it as a usual HID with several axis and buttons? If so, why do many people use a special software? I am flying since years with a Thrustmaster Warthog (with a Virpil WarBRD Base, the TM Throttle, a Saitek Quadrant and Trim Wheel) without any additional drivers or software (not even the Thrustmaster Target Software) sucessful with DCS, F4 BMS, P3D, Sturmovik and so on... So - do i need any Honeycomb drivers for P3D v4 and v5? Thank you!
  10. Ok, so experimental Its updated now and and the tabs seem to work without crashing P3d, at least at this first try. Hope it stays. Well done!
  11. Airbus 320 is on, installed yesterday. (i completely re-installed P3D with some addons yesterday).
  12. Thank you both, i was not aware this chapter was added to the Vol1. of the A320 documentation. Thats what i was searching for!
  13. Another question: Is it possible to deactivate it in the A318-A321?
  14. Hi there, is there any resource about the new EFB in the A320 Pro? Some kind of manual, tutorial, references, whatever? Thank you
  15. "...but for the vast majority of users this is not an issue..." Worst answer ever for a support forum, no matter what kind of product or process. Nevertheless - i am experiencing the same. A complete fresh installation, done yesterday: P3D 4.5HF2, ORBX Global (FTX, Vector EU, Landclass EU), Active Sky for P3D, Ultimate Traffic Live, Aerosoft A320. Open the named tabs, P3D closes completely to desktop.
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