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  1. Hearing of a Twin Otter Update is my personal message of the year I love the AS Twotter, flying it since many years, through all the FSX and P3D versions!! It is - besides the Flysimware Learjet 35 - my alltime favorite for short evening flight trips all over the world. In my opinion, following things need an update (but there is not really much) - hideable yoke is the most important one. - better ground handling - option for 3rd party GPS (although im happy user of the standard P3D GNS) - improved sounds (Engines, Air Flow, Brakes...) - please stay with the steam gauge version (no glass cockpit)
  2. Hi mopperle, yes i will try in the next days. I remember there was a message from AC shortly after P3D crashed. I can not remember it so i will post a screenshot asap. Regards, Jan
  3. Hi Wolfgang, can AS load the Airbus .flp? I assumed thats not possible. So, when i planned/entered manually a flightplan in the Airbus MCDU (or loaded a co-route .flp), how do i get exactly this flightplan to be loaded in AS without manually waypoint by waypoint?) Jan
  4. Dear AS Support Team, when i programmed the MCDU for the flight (e.g. the EDDFEGLL01 Tutorial flight), and i try to download the winds from Active Sky for P3D, the simulator crashes to the desktop. Conditions: 1) Current version of Airbus is installed (A318 - A321), as well as Active Sky in the newest version. 2) Company route for the tutorial is loaded and completed with a SID and a STAR (in MCDU) 4) A manual flight plan is calculated in Active Sky (EDDF to EGLL), winds etc all shown in Active Sky. I see the same Waypoints as in the MCDU flightplan. 5) The .wx file is in the correct folder mentioned in the Step-by-Step-Guide. What i dont understand: Can i load the MCDU flight plan directly into Active Sky somehow? Did i miss something in the Tutorial? --> How can i assure that Active Sky has exactly the same flight plan than my Airbus? Do i need to add more than the Waypoints? Are SID and STAR somehow relevant for the import/datalink? Maybe i do something wrong in this combination that leads to the crash. Regards, Jan
  5. Ich möchte mir auch ein solches Buch zulegen, allerdings sind die Amazon-Rezensionen katastrophal: Es scheint extrem viele Fehler (Rechtschreibung, Wiederholungen, falsche Bildbezeichnungen, usw...) zu enthalten. Es gab mal eine Alternative ("Alles im Griff - Aerosoft A320"), aber das ist überall vergriffen...
  6. Ich wäre auch sehr froh drüber. Habe seit dieser Woche die ganze Airbus Family und stosse im Step-by-Step Tutorial immer wieder auf Abweichungen, die mir als Anfänger oftmals Schwierigkeiten bereiten
  7. Hi Bob, 3) what does that mean for the tutorial flight? What would be best practice now to solve this?
  8. Dear Support-Team, i own the A320 family since this week and today i started with the Step-by-Step Tutorial flight (after reading it already completely through to get an overview). It is the flight from EDDF Frankfurt to EGLL Heathrow with an A319. Now i face some differences from the Cockpit Situation to what is written in the tutorial: 1) there are some differences between the Checklist-Function and the checklist points mentioned in the document - but ok, i follow the ingame-checklist of course. 2) Loading the Plane: In the tutorial, its mentioned the A319 has 124 Pax - but i can load more than 150... ok, no problem so far. But im curious: Why is there such a difference? 3) I load the company route as mentioned in the tutorial (FRALHR1). Contrary to the tutorial, the SID and Star is already programmed, i did not have to add them manually. The STAR in EGLL is already programmed for runway 09L (in the tutorial i should fly to 27L). I decided to try with the predefined company route and did not change the STAR. But i have an discontinuity after Waypoint LAM, there is an "MANUAL" entry. Tutorial says, delete the discontinuity (clear in the MCDU scratchpad, then click on the respective button). But i can not delete it. Why? For me as a newbie, these little discrepancies between document and cockpit make it difficult to understand this very important part of MDCU programming. So i aborted my first flight now because i could not eliminate this flightplan discontinuity. Any hints for me? Regards, Jan
  9. Yesterday i bought the A320 Family Pack...looking forward to my first tutorial flights on the upcoming weekend...wife and daughter out of house *yeehaaw*
  10. Dear Aerosoft Team, i plan to purchase the A320 Pro for P3D 4.4 very soon. I have a few questions at the moment: a) Is it possible to download the Manuals and Tutorials somewhere or do i only get them when i already purchased the product? I would like to read and get some orientation in the manuals and make me a "learning plan" before i buy. b) Is the documentation/manuals/tutorials on the same version/state than the A320 is with the last patches? c) Do i need to update the Navdata anyway? I only fly offline and i want to do flightplanning with simbrief and littlenavmap. I am aware they shall all be (more or less) on the same AIRAC, but is this absolutely necessary? d) Can you recommend me another flightplanning tool (if you think im going wrong with simbrief etc..) d) Is there a Fuel Planner included from Aerosoft? e) Can i download any livery from the net for the AS A320 and can manage them comfortable with the livery manager? Thank you! Jan
  11. Hi all, i love the Twotter, my most flown aircraft from Aerosoft (it still is very good!) I would appreciate an update, too! 😃 Regards, Jan
  12. Hi Claus, ich habe auch noch FSG 2010 und hatte überlegt, mir die Next Generation zuzulegen. Ist aber eigentlich unnötig: Ich habe FSG2010 irgendwo hin installiert und dann die einzelnen Bereiche EUR, NA etc einfach manuell in der Sceneriebibliothek in P3D 4.3 aktiviert. Funzt wunderbar und man muss nicht wieder was neues kaufen, wo man von den Unterschieden eventuell gar nicht viel mitbekommt. Gruss Jan
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