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  1. Hi there! First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!! You did a great job on that new Bus and I really enjoy flying it... Unfortunately there's is a small disappointment when it comes to engine data. There's the - already reported - excessively high EGT indication during ALL phases of the flight, that I'd like to confirm one more time. For example,I just did a flight from LOWW to LOWI with a very low TOW that resulted in a FLEX TO setting of 85.7% N1. During takeoff the EGT rose to 970 C, which is well beyond the limits of the CFM-engine but that didn't trigger any indications or warnings. Another thing is the N1-indication, that rises immediately and too quickly after flicking the start switch, which is not realistic as an jet engine doesn't work this way. During start-up you'll normally see almost no N1-indication until roughly 20% N2-indication, as this is the first point, where the ignition, that results in rotation of the big fan (N1), starts... For example, there's a great video on youtube (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to put the link in here, so I'm just providing the name of it) called "Flying Airbus A320: full flight video from the cockpit (part 2)" which shows from 3:32 min how the correct engine behaviour and data should be. Another small issue I noticed is the missing sound, when the parking brake is released. I really loved that on the previous version. I couldn't find any reports about that in the forum search but I read that you're already looking into sound in general, so I just wanted to mention that as a side note. Keep up the great work an I'm really looking forward to your release of the A320/A321 and SP1! Many thanks in advance! Best regards Toby
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