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  1. @hornet971 Any chance your strobes are binded to some hardware switch or button? On my side the strobes and beacon lights are sometimes affected by the position of the switch on my Honeycomb Yoke, regardless the switch position in the CRJ-VC. @Mathijs Kok Speaking of lights...just a short question regarding a small cosmetical thing: Would it be possible to change the flash sequence of the beacon lights in an upcoming update? On the RW CRJ they are flashing alternatively on the bottom and top of the fuselage, like it can be seen in this video:
  2. Dear simwings- and aerosoft-Team, first of all congratulations and many thanks for the best EDDM-flightsimulator-scenery so far. As a RL-EDDM-ATC-member it is of course one of my favourite airports in the world and I used this scenery quite extensively during the last couple of days. Please don't see my findings in any way as critisism or an offence to your hard work. Also, please don't get me wrong, those things don't need an immediate fix and the airport in it's present state is an absolute joy to use. But of course it would be great, if the following things could/would be fixed in a future update: In the first picture you see a sign west of taxiway B8, which reads B6 and Entry S5. The same sign can be correctly found next to B6, but indicating ENTRY S5 is wrong of course. Beside that it would be awesome if you could exclude the trees in that area as well. The second picture shows taxiway B12 west with directions to ENTRY S8 instead of ENTRY S7. On the third picture you see the intersection D3/O2 - the markings on the ground should read O2 instead of D2. Additionally I totally understand, that you want to wait for the completion of the Terminal 1-extension prior updating Ramp 1, but there is also a lot of stuff going on at Ramp 3... So would there be a slight chance to change the names/markings of the taxiways from O3 to E3, E1 to K1, and add the parking stands in the very east to reflect reality even more? That would be really much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, keep up the great work and "Guten Rutsch" to all of you. Best regards Toby
  3. Hi Steven, sorry for stepping in, but I'm having the same problem, when trying to load a flight with the CRJ Pro from the "scenario screen". Have you tried loading a flight with a P3D-default aircraft and change to the CRJ Pro once you are sitting at a gate/runway? From what I read, that is necessary due to the way the CRJ is programmed...and for me it works... Best regards Toby
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