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  1. Hi Tom, Still seems to not be working. Any chance you can move this up the priority list. I really like using Tapatalk to interact with your forums. Nick
  2. Thanks again Jo, The files work perfectly. Please mark this topic as resolved. Nick
  3. Thanks Jo, I'll give them a try and get back to you. BTW. The scenery is first rate..I really love it. Nick
  4. Hi Jo, Thanks for the very quick reply. I should have mentioned that I couldn't use the files attached in the other post as it was corrupted after I unpacked it with 7zip. Is it possible to attach the two files in an uncompressed form. My apologies again. Nick
  5. Hi Jo, I've seen the other post related this topic in the Mega Airport area. In addition to having the same type of water issues as that user on the right of RWY 09, I'm also seeing problems with the area to the left of RWY09. It looks as though there is some "land textures" above the water. I'm using FSX with no DX10 or 3rd party mesh. I've attached a screenshot of the particular area and my config tool settings. Hoping you can help me out. Thanks in advance. Nick My FSX settings are as follows: Level of detail radius: Large Mesh complexity: 100 Mesh resolution: 1m Texture resolution: 7cm Water effects: Low 2.x Land detail textures: Checked Scenery complexity: Extremely dense Autogen density: Normal Ground scenery shadows: Unchecked Special effects detail: High Global texture resolution: Very high Advanced animations: Checked Config tool settings are
  6. Looks like the new installer is missing some files. Wonder if the dev and aerosoft will make a new one. Hopefully. Nick
  7. My thinking as well. Not sure if FSX/SE has this feature. Nick
  8. It's does seem like a really good scenery which is has issues for some users because of APC. A real shame.
  9. Tromso and Svalbard do not use SODE. Nick
  10. Couldn't agree more with you Ray. Jeffrey is very helpful and responsive. Any small problems I've found with SODE so far has been due its implementation in a scenery, rather than from SODE itself. Nick
  11. Hi Premek. I meant no disregard by my post. If you took it this way, I apologize. As I said, your scenery looks really good. It is simply hesitation on my part. After being "burned" by a certain developer in that past who could not fix their own scenery, you can appreciate that I am more cautious these days. Your level of dedication to product trouble shooting is certainly very impressive. Nick
  12. It really is a shame there are these issues for what appears to be a really good scenery. It's these issues that have stopped me purchasing the scenery. Once they are resolved I'll certainly part with my money. Nick
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