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  1. Apologize if this is not the correct forum to post my question, but I did not know where else to ask this question: When installing SODE in P3DV5 which is the correct installation folder to specify; Program Data or Program Files (x86)? I have a 12b subfolder in each and am confused as I cannot activate any jetways. Thanks Dom
  2. I recently installed both busses for P3DV5 version 1401. I see the following and would like to confirm the paths: E:\Prepar3D v5\gauges\TrueGlass.dll" is located within the gauges directory. a config file exists in a Trueglass folder along with a shaders subfolder. E:\Prepar3D v5\gauges\RealLight.dll" is located in the gauges directory only a RealLight folder contains a shaders subfolder only. Help? Thanks Dom
  3. Hello Peter, log attached. Note that I had to repair P3DV5 and afterwards NG started. However, I lost my profiles which may be a blessing as they were very basic. The problem I wrote about occurred on 16 May. Also enjoyed your live stream. A lot of work went into this NG project and I for one would consider this a "must have". Thanks again Dom SIMstarter NG.log
  4. I cannot start the application today after using it earlier. Have downloaded from Simmarket account and numerous installations have failed. The problem when NG could not detect the P3D platform. Please find the log attached. I cannot send a debug pack since I cannot access the interface. Dom from Maryland SIMstarter NG Settings.ini
  5. Hello Peter, What is the purpose of this option in extended settings and is it something I should use? Dom
  6. Hello Peter My simobjects config as viewed in the manager appears to have multiple redundant entries. Can I safely rename or delete my config set and have SimStarterNG rebuild it? Dom
  7. Thanks for your input, install was a success. You can close this topic. Dom
  8. Did you also delete the xml in the updater or leave it? Please tell me I downloaded again prior to this post, and must say the contents appear to be the same in bytes. I will attempt again to re-install after i see your reply.
  9. Hello Mathijs I downloaded on 5 January, v1011.exe size 822,547,520...packed 814,952,349...crc32 CD9BB14F Dom as addendum included xml file as_bergamo_prof.xml
  10. I downloaded and installed this version alone with the SODE jetways package. As you can see in the attached, the Updater does not reflect the updated version number. How can this be corrected? The product cfg reports "[Installer] ProductCode=2207 ProductName=Bergamo Professional Version= ProductPage=http://www.aerosoft.com ManualName=Manual.pdf ReadmeName=Readme.txt Thanks Dom
  11. What does this message indicate? Run-time error -2147221020 (800401e4)': Automation error invalid syntax Dom
  12. Hello Peter, you noted that v1.8.5.2 ist now in available in the Aerosoft Update-Database. Is this different from v 1.8.5 revision 2 cuurently running on my system? Also, I just noticed that rev 3 is available Dom
  13. I for one would like to have some instruction on how to create this. Dom
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