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  1. I have just upgraded to SODE 1.7 and understand there have been some changes which affected many of my sceneries which I have been able to correct. Looking at the SODE log I have the following error for Alta ENAT. Any ideas what the issue is and how to resolve please? [23:42:56.868] DEBUG SODE.XML : Building List from File 'C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml\ENAT_SODE.xml' [23:42:56.886] DEBUG SODE.XML : Building List from File 'C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml\ENAT_SODE_animation.xml' [23:42:56.886] DEBUG SODE.XML : Building List from File 'C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml
  2. You just need to amend the AFCAD. I use the excellent Airport Studio to amend AFCADs. I also use FSX planner but I guess you need FSX for that? Don't know if it works with P3D? Google will find it for you. Cant remember what the default AFCAD file is called as I renamed mine.
  3. All appears good so I will ignore. Thanks for your help!....appreciated!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I do have Digital Design LOWS. I assume you mean in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE to check the simobject folder and the xml entry for LOWS which I did and cant trace any entry for ULLI. Its not an airport I have purchased in the past and then removed either. Are you thinking it would be like the above log for ENGM I showed where it had a cfg file entry for ENTC in error? Strange one.
  5. Many thanks. ENAT and ENGM both fixed now!. Very strange about ULLI as I cant find any files in any folders for ULLI.
  6. I upgraded to the latest SODE 1.6.2 and since then I get the following errors on the log: [14:18:33.086] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'ENGM_Windsock_9': 'G:\FSX\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENGM\model.ENGM_Windsock_9\ENTC_Windsock_9.MDL' does NOT exist! [14:18:33.086] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'ENGM_Windsock_9': 'G:\FSX\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENGM\model.ENGM_Windsock_9\ENTC_Windsock_9.MDL' does NOT exist! [14:18:33.086] WARN SODE.FOLDERMANAGER : SimObject with SimTitle 'ENGM_Windsock_9': 'G:\FSX\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENGM\model.ENGM_Windsock_9
  7. Well after self helping and contacting the SODE developer Jeffrey I have finally resolved the data probe issue. The xxxx SODE DYN folders are not required in FSX simobjects misc as the SODE base probe manages all the SODE scenery so I deleted them. Unfortunately I then received SODE log errors for ENAT, ENSH and TNCB. The 3 sceneries I had issues with being ENAT, ENSH and TNCB can use the base SOD data probe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE\data\SimObjects which all my other sceneries use but the scenery xml files contained in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml needs to
  8. Hi and many thanks for the reply. To satisfy my curiosity ref the data probes working for the 3 airports i loaded each up and followed the SODE error log. For ENSH the data probe showed as loaded up and there were no log errors. For ENAT the data probe showed loaded up with no errors. The only error that shows for ENAT is the lack of the hangar door sound file but i seem to remember seeing another comment on this forum that the sound file was never part of the scenery download. I deduce from this that ENAT and ENSH data probe is working correctly - great! For TNCB i
  9. I am trying to work out if following my update to SODE version 1.4 i finally have everything in the right place. I am satisfied I have SODE correctly installed in C:\Programdata with the simobject animation module,simobject display engine and the platform manager in C:\Programfiles (x86) etc etc however i note that I still have entries for SODE in my FSX folder under simobjects/misc which are specifically for ENAT, ENSH and TNCB. For each of these 3 airports i have 1 folder with objects listed called e.g. TNCB_SODE and a second called e.g. ENAT_SODE_DYN and that folder
  10. Nick yes you are right there is no TAB S for LOWL. Interestingly when I went back through all my SODE sceneries all were fine except TNCB where TAB S gave the PAPI options (with wrong runway which I have now corrected) but the lights never came on. When I read through the official SODE documentation again it says that I can leave SODE_TNCB in FSX Simobjects misc and a future update will likely remove the file so I copied it back from programdata to FSX simobjects misc and the PAPI,s worked. When I deleted the file again (so that I only had SODE_TNCB in programdata simobjects ) the PA
  11. Nick....if you heard a clanking sound yesterday wherever you are in the World that was the sound of "the penny dropping" when I finally realized where I was going wrong. Yes you are right.... I am not a Windows expert but I have managed to find my way round most FSX issues over the years - this one had me stumped. Reason was - I had no awareness of the existence of C:\programdata and therefore whenever I read a comment from you or elsewhere I stupidly assumed it referred to C:\programfiles which is why I had all the SODE files in one location. Now I get it. Have moved everythin
  12. Thanks Nick. I had a data folder in there for some reason. Have corrected but still no luck. Please cnf that in ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE you have the following 6 items: cfg - which is empty Simobjects containing HTKJ, SODE_TNCB, UWGG and LOWS xml - which for me has 3 xml files inside which are HTKJ_L, UWGG and TNCB_SODE Simobjectsanimationmodule Simobjectsdisplayengine SODEPlatformmanager Am I missing anything else? James
  13. Nick firstly I much appreciate your time taken to explain. I have done exactly as you describe except that in my set up the C drive simobjects are under 12bpilot\data\simobjects. I have changed both 1.31 and 1.20 to TRUE in dll and exe so that when I fire up FSX I am asked to accept or decline both versions. When I accept 1.31 I get LOWS 100% but for the other 3 I get no runway, taxiway or apron lighting at UWGG and HTKJ and at TNCB I get the lighting but no PAPI,s and with TAB S I get the answer no objects within 12km. When I activate 1.20 I get no lighting on LOWS but all
  14. Nick I must have something wrong somewhere because HTKG, TNCB and UWGG def aren't working with 1.31. Cnf I am correct in having an xml entry for all 3 airports in the xml file within SODE 1.31? How come LOWS doesn't have an XML entry? Its as if 1.31 doesn't know the other 3 airports are there or they,re not talking to 1.31? Absolutely no expert on this but struggling so for now I will leave the 2 versions installed and select one or the other. Cheers James
  15. Nick thanks for the advice but for me it isn't working. In FSX root Simobjects misc I had HTKJ, SODE_TNCB and UWGG folders which I moved to C drive - SODE - Data - Simobjects - where I already have an entry for LOWS - correct? In FSX root SODE I copied the CFG and XML folders to C drive SODE noting that cfg folder is empty and xml folder has entries for TNCB, HTKJ and UWGG - correct? Right now using 1.31 SODE 1.31 and LOWS works fine but the other 3 don't - no lighting at all at HTKJ, no PAPI control at TNCB and no lighting at UWGG. Is there anything else I ha
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