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    Airbus A320 IAE Aegean Airlines SX-DVQ - SELCAL Only Base repaint package information’s 1. The archive you have downloaded it’s an update which includes the day and night cockpit textures only, for the “A320_IAE_STAR_ALLIANCE_AEGEAN_AIRLINES_SX-DVQ” repaint from “Holgi” which can be found here, http://simtexture.de/side/ or direct from here http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/1808-airbus-a320-iae-aegean-airlines-sx-dvq/. 2. The textures now include the aircrafts SELCAL which was missing. 3. To install, just place them OVER the original repaint(copy and paste). Replace when asked for. Repaint and or Installation Support (only this repaint) Please contact me at c.barbas[@]gmail.com Thanks for downloading, enjoy your flights! Christopher Barbas http://aegeanvirtual.net/ 19 Okt 2013
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    Aegean Airlines - AES Airport Enhancement Services Support System For FS2004/FSX v4 Read Me - Install instructions 1. You must have "AES-Airport Enhancement Services v 2.23" installed. 2. Navigate to "\Aerosoft\AES\TEXTURE" folder and copy inside the textures you have just download. 3. Run the “AES Help” software, at least one time again, before you run the FS2004 or FSX. 4. Enjoy your flights!!! Support For support of Aegean Airlines - AES Airport Enhancement Services Support System For FS2004/FSX v3 repaint pack, contact me at "see included read me" For support about AES - Airport Enhancement Services, contact Aerosoft. at http://aerosoft.com/. Check also the AES - Airport Enhancement Services forum HERE for news and more. Christopher Barbas For Aegean Airlines Virtual "http://aegeanvirtual.net"
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