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  1. It is payware and a direct decendant of the Vista Australis or VOZ Scenery. Release Date is to be in November I think but not 100% sure, I'll check. Currently real like TP gives the answer is no, But the roads and Rivers are accurate. The idea behind the project was to cover the vast areas that do not have good google coverage. BUT this will change as imagery becomes available. Due to the MASSIVE amount of data needed for photo ground to have actual images, what has been done is images of airfields etc and then using more accurate Land class, represent the Village, Rural, Timbered,and Urban
  2. To be honest Tile Proxy cannot compete with what is being developed currently be the Team at ORBX Simulations Systems in Australia, it is slow, bandwidth and Hard disk hungry, and most pilots just won't stand for the amount of time it takes to cache you tiles. While Google and other Aerial Photography is great it lags behind terribly in many interesting places which mostly VFR pilots in the Sim WANT to explore, and it it for this reason I believe the Scenery textures and Land class being developed is FAR superior to Tile Proxy. Don't believe me !! Look below I hope you enjoyed thes
  3. MS sold the rights to the Net Pipes tecknology some time ago and then when they saw what the gates.to guy's have done in the multi person sharing of Planes and online flight training they wanted to buy it back rather than reinvent the wheel for FSX. Judging on what I've seen in FSX so far with my limited hardware they have really screwed up and this may well explain why there are so many developers still working on FS 2004 Add-Ons. I personally believe there is a LOT more life left in FS2004 yet. I'd honestly prefer to fly my Sailplanes in quality scenery in FS9 rather the generic stuff th
  4. FSX is a bloody lemon , NONE of the stuff that was promised has occurred in FSX . they reinvent the wheel with their pathetic attempt at ATC where they can't begin to come close to VATSIM. The Glider towing is an absolute joke ( I'm close to a breakthrough ) I hope in that department. The so called wing flex looks like the damn things will fall off, There is NO WAY I'll be spending upwards of $2000 to upgrade my hardware to run it properly. There is at least 2-3 Years left in FS 9 especially when I'm part of a team producing scenery like this and this FSX can kiss my furry littl
  5. But it still bloody sucks !!! MS Promised all sorts of stuff and havn't delivered like better VAS multiplayer Aerotowing etc.
  6. Yes sir it does , and damn good wave too. I climbed WAYYYYYYyyy up there with Mr Fosset just a few weeks ago and was amazed at Active sky's abilities... Screenie to prove it when I find the one.
  7. Based on my experiences with Active sky 6 and it's VAS ( Vertical Air Simulation ) and it's ability to render realtime weather it may make CCS a little obsolete, but it can't generate a BGL so everyone has the same envirenment. In testing with some friends online we have slight diffefences that you'd expect in the real world. My biggest question RE FSX is can were do Aero Tow's LIVE ? That is to say have a Tug Pilots and Gliderpilots just like a real Competition. A Start Gate and Turn point Photo's are easily catered for.
  8. I'd say at a rough guess most of us WILL have to spend about $2000 on an upgrade to a PCI Express type mainboard to do any good. The real question IS can this be done in multiplayer with real pilots in both aircraft , which is what I have working but the glider pilot is along for the ride so to speak. BUT it looks awesome from another plane flying beside it I'll try to create another Vid filmed from a helicopter useing the FSNET software which allows the Pilot to fly and the Cammera man to film and tell the pilot where he wants him all while filming just like a News crew.
  9. Blimey I thought having 4 of my own home for school holidays was bad but 9 , in your case mate I think " Grey hair is hereditary................you get it from your grand kids. " no problem!
  10. Hey Don do you want to make a time that is mutually convienient to see and participate in a demo.
  11. Yes Norby I'm hoping to release things as soon I get these last bugs out, I'm just fighting with a gauge that want to cause conflicts in some of the sailplains I have . You are correct about the Hi Tow / Lo Tow debate. funny thing is the Glider is for him at least line astern , but for anyone else flying with us. They appear in Lo Tow . I am trialing another idea for this as well , so I'll try to keep all informed. I'm gradually getting most of the little grass and Dirt strips in the Area of Narromine done for FS9. there are some 130 or so , these will be simple tyre or cone marked run
  12. OK I'll try to rustle up a Tug pilot to meet ay Narromine YNRM in New South Wales AUstralia on the Server located at vbnavonline.servegame.com and connect Teamspeak to the same server Meet at 0630 GMT !! Yeah
  13. Short answer is Yes , but the gauge is being stroppy about behaving it'self with all Sailplanes I have Make a date and we'll do a demo if you like meanwhile this may wet your apetite. Aero Tow Demo
  14. I'm already doing this my friend when all those around including the God Father of design Fr Bill . Well if you want arrange a time where we can all meet either in an open server or VATSIM. someplace then we can do a tow, I'm still working out the kinks that some of the gauges cause with my trials and CCS etc. Shoot me an Email or contact me on Teampreak at or cheer's all
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