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  1. Great job Finn - thanks for your dedication!
  2. The easiest way workaround for me is to load the plane just as you have described - first thing to do then is to turn off and on the External light / Landing light switch ...
  3. You could also "reinstall" version 1.0 (select "repair" function in the installer) in order to then "uninstall" it --> then install 1.1 ..
  4. No need for any excuses - so if I understand correctly: what you require are the prop spinners in black and white... ?
  5. Hi felixfsx, what happened to Bronco 99 + 24 - seemed it was almost ready ...?!
  6. Great beginning of a hopefully great year, thanks ddeuce!
  7. I can`t see the screen via the link, but have downloaded the file and had a short look at the thumbnail - great "stuff" from you again (with that green fuel tank!!). Thanks Ddeuce ! Some additional info on Marine Observation Squadron Two here:
  8. That`s very good news - thanks in advance!
  9. dduce and felixfsx, may I ask whether both your repaints (No 25 seems to be done already) will be made available for download? Thanks for your great efforts!
  10. Hab ich - trotzdem muss man ja via FTXCentral Control den Modus umschalten ...
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