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  1. Hello. I have a problem with the crj; all the screens (PFD, MFD, EICAS and EFB) appear offscale. I´ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and have searched the forum also for a solution, to no avail. My screen resolution is set at 1920x1080, as well as my prepar3d. No font or screen scaling is applied on my windows 10. I´m running prepar3d 4.5 with the latest hotfix. I´ve tried everything on my part without sucess, so any help or hint about what to do will be welcome Thanks in advance and regards. Egoix
  2. True, somehow i was convinced it was part of the schedule last year, but nope (maybe Edmonton confused my memories).
  3. Just to add another bit of trivia Burke Lakefront Airport is used as a circuit for Indycar races. It would be really fun if an upgrade closed the airport at the race weekend and filled the apron with motorhomes and trailers
  4. Egoix


    This is wonderful news! I just love this aircraft, so glad you still keep developing it, many thanks!
  5. Is that curious "fuel quantity indicator" functional?
  6. Photo num.5 starting from the top. What´s that thing in the shed where the buses are? Just infront of the door, hanging from the roof. Looks like an untextured poly or a cage-like thing (can´t figure what could be used for). Maybe a bug?
  7. Sorry, forgot i sent the message from the mail calamarr<the@thingy>250-hispanadotcom. Date 20/4/2010 heading "Megaairport Budapest install problems." I sent the mail to support@aerosoft.com Thanks for the help
  8. Hello I have the following problem when i try to install the Budapest scenery: when the install bar is near the end the following message appears and the program closes without installing the product. "Feature: Newfeature1 Component: Flights File: <USER FLIGHT> Error: The Filename,directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" I have made a search in the Aerosoft forums and the only topic related to this is this one: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=25101&view=&hl=budapest&fromsearch=1 I have tried contacting the support address mentioned in the response but received no answer. Program is FSX in windows 7 64 bits. Any help appreciated.
  9. There was a very short tutorial in the Digital Aviation forums i think. You can also download the manual for the real Trimble, the Cheyenne manual provided a link in the GPS section.
  10. The Cheyenne doesn´t have any GPS map, it only shows your route. Maybe you are confusing with the weather radar´s MAP mode, wich shows ground reflections. The weather radar should work Do you use any third party weather program like Activesky Advanced or Real Enviroment Extreme?
  11. The information is correct, Flight 1 and Eaglesoft has already acknowledged this. I don´t know how much they ask tho...
  12. Matijs, any plan to do german cities like Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt...in this way? I think it will be the icing on the cake after all your add-ons covering Germany and its airports and airfields
  13. ¿Could you post the changes you made to the aircraft.cfg file? As a Track IR user i would appreciate a lower eyepoint myself. Thanks in advance
  14. Another thumbs up here. It´s heavier on resources than the usual GA aircraft but they released a service pack to adress this (wich i haven´t tried because i don´t need it). If you are going to use it in Air Hauler take into account the absence of any autopilot, you will have to handfly the thing. But hey, we are talking bush here This package delivers a lot for its price. The aircraft rendition is simply beautiful, the avionics very complete (except for the autopilot) and the lighting is one of the best i´ve seen. It´s full of gizmos like the ropes hanging from the wing that move according to the airflow, or the post it notes that appear sometimes over the gauges. It has failures so you have to treat it right (optional), it comes with some missions and a tutorial flight to get started with the aircraft (you will receive a "Bushawk type rating" reward if you do succesfully). One of my favorites is the cabin that changes according to the pax/cargo configuration: fill the stations with cargo in the fuel/load manager and you will get a cabin full of fish crates. Make it 50/50 and you will get a row of seats with some crates behind. In the missions you can use a custom fuel and load manager that allows you to change these on the fly. If i´m not mistaken they are working in another service pack. And finally, it carries more cargo than the default cessna, but you will have to save some money. I imported it yesterday and a brand new one will cost you roughly 29,300 dollars
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