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  1. I just gave the aircraft a test flight. Direct To, and legs modification etc is a complete mess. They know about the problems, they just choose to 'ignore' the comments from the community. They will look into it next week is the response. I would rather they inform us why they are not able to rectify/fix the problems. We know they know about the issues. Why are they not able to fix the lateral navigational issues mentioned in this and previous posts?
  2. Mathijs, this has been reported and commented on numerous times. Is the Direct To function working correctly according to Aerosoft?
  3. The Direct To function is not working correctly. This function is critical and needs to be fixed asap. Get this right and the CRJ will be a great addition to any hangar.
  4. Great aircraft first of all. But unfortunately i have to ground her due to issues relating to the ILS G/S tracking and the Direct Intercept functionality. Two very important features in an airliner. Lots of talk about the ILS G/S problem. I have same problem. Not tracking the G/S. The Direct To function is not correctly modelled and drawing strange lines on the ND. This feature needs to be addressed. Inserting a waypoint from the legs page and placing it on top draws the entire flight plan on the ND. It does not modify and update the depiction on the ND. I really hope these issues gets addressed. Chris
  5. Any idea if this is being looked at by the developer? Perhaps an option to let the individual user choose the refresh rate based on his/her system. This would benefit users with low/medium and high end components. Technology is advancing and improving at a rapid pace, adding the option to increase the PFD and ND refresh rate would be beneficial to all users. Chris
  6. Is there a way to increase the PFD and ND refresh rate? it is not smooth and precise. Stuttery in a way. Chris
  7. I love the A333 VC cockpit. Best in the industry. Looks and feels amazing. I do however get reduced refresh rates on my PFD and ND. Not as smooth and fluid as it should be. It is essential to have liquid smooth PFD and MFD in flight simulation. It is not bad, just not perfectly smooth, reduces the overall impression and immersion of the simulation. It is a great aircraft, but tweak it a bit. Tighten it up a bit. Flight director is too aggressive. A333 is a large aircraft, FD behaves too aggressively and not smooth and precise during take-off, climb, descent and approach. The EFB is no good. Needs a complete overhaul/redesigned. Christian
  8. Thanks for the feedback Bjorn. Is there a reason there is no support for an fmc/gps to be slaved to the HSI and flown in NAV/LNAV mode? INS is just not practical in todays environment with complicated sid's and stars requiring RNP 5. Regards, Christian.
  9. Pltskiracer


    Are there any good add-on FMC's that works with this aircraft. I am just talking about the FMC, not the ND. An FMC that will couple to the HSI. Regards, Christian
  10. Why are most of the new aircraft simulations targeted the light/medium market??? I am sick and tired of seeing nice fancy exterier models/VC's and bautiful pictures and great websites. Are the developers getting greedy and lazy?? Is it just too much work too create a complex simulation?? Limited LNAV,VNAV,FMC etz what a joke............its the brain and the heart of the airplane and should be modelled accordingly. What is going on developers???? VNAV and LNAV is used all the time in real life. Its the most efficient way of operating an aircraft. So why not modell it properly?? It is not difficult to learn and manage, and I really dont understand why the developers think its for advanced users only. Again, i think the developers are getting lazy and avoiding the complicated/realistic path. Its a shame really, because im getting tired of the Maddog MD82 and the PMDG MD11 (The only realistic products out there).
  11. Pltskiracer


    Nice package and a lot of fun to fly. I love the 2d panel!! The INS is a nice touch but I would love an FMC addition. Any chance of seeing an FMC version??? The INS requires the lat/long's, enroute charts and sid's star's with lat/longs. It is a lot of work for a casual "simmer". The FMC is also a bit more realistic in todays environment. Are there any realistic add-on FMC's that will work with this great package??? Christian
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