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  1. Hadn't thought of that - guess that is up to Tristan! Mal
  2. I can only echo what ddeuce has said. Flight Sim has broken down many boundaries and allowed people who to 'meet' others, world-wide, and strike up wonderful friendships. Flight Sim gives many a meaning to life, and the interaction on forums has enabled our community to spread, and on forums such as this one, help each other in a considerate manner to the betterment of all. The standard of sims these days, particularly Aerosoft, has enabled us to spread our wings (pardon the pun) with a high degree of reality, adding a level of enjoyment to 'flying' never previously experienced. Well done Aerosoft, you are a major contributor to this wonderful world. Mal
  3. Thanks Finn. This makes a great plane perfect! Mal
  4. I'd love one please, and you won't be surprised to know that the tail number should be: VH-MAL Thank you so much for your very kind offer, it is greatly appreciated. Mal
  5. You may Have already done this, but the fact that you never get gyro drift whilst flying could relate to your settings. In your Realism Settings make sure you tick "Enable Gyro Drift". Malcolm
  6. Yes! I'd believe it. As I said in another post, Marcel has now set the standard for others to (try and) follow. Malcolm
  7. Thanks Marcel. And congratulations on producing the most immersive and realistic sim for FSX. Malcolm
  8. Has the 'official' version 1.03 been released yet? I notice that two weeks after the accidental release, that the V1.03 is still shown as the current version on my downloads. Is there still to be a Version 1.03a? Because of the slight problems with the new release I have kept flying this wonderful aircraft in v1.02 - is it safe to update? Malcolm
  9. Danke! Which is one of the few words I know in German. I greatly appreciate this repaint as an "Aussie" and it will grace the skies 'down under' using the wonderful FTX scenery. Thanks agian. Malcolm
  10. Thanks Thorsten I appreciate you taking the time to give me such an informative reply. It all makes sense now. I was actually referring to the analogue gauge sitting below the EGT electronic display. On checking the POH (freely available on the FoundAir site) I noticed that the gauge is depicted by you exactly as on the real aircraft. This does not surprise me, as I have always been impressed by the high level of detail (in all areas) that Aerosoft produce on their products. Thanks again for your great service, and like many others I am looking forward to the Service Pack. Malcolm
  11. Hi Thorsten Thank you for the reply and apologies for not being more specific. With the temperature range you mention, the EGT gauge is obviously working properly, it is just that the calibrations on the actual gauge start at 1000F and go to approximately 2000F. I notice that the needle is usually sitting below 1000F which means that it is sitting virtually on a 'zero' reading on the gauge (below 1000), and the needle will only ever come up a fraction on maximum temperature (1100). Perhaps the gauge should be calibrated differently - starting at 0 and going up to say 1200/1500 maximum, with the numbers spread more evenly across the gauge. Hope this makes sense, hard to describe without actually being there! Keep up the good work, and looking forward to the Service Pack. Kind regards Malcolm
  12. Recently got back into the cockpit of this wonderful aircraft, and looking forward to the Service Pack. Just one question - the EGT gauge does not seem to work, mine is always right over to the left hand side, virtually giving no indication of temperature. Is this normal, or is it a bug that will be fixed with the SP? Also I seem to remember the addition of an Automatic Pilot at some stage - will this be included? Malcolm
  13. Thanks Mathijs. My faith in you and Aerosoft has not wavered. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to our requests. The support at Aerosoft is what makes your company one of the best. Malcolm
  14. Sorry to labour the point, and I understand your wish to reward your customers. I have bought many Aerosoft products directly from your company, and they are amongst the best produced, and I could understand if you 'protected' your own products like this. The fact that I was eager to buy the Mooney, and most other Carenado aircraft before they were available from your store should surely not restrict me, and the majority of people out here from the availability what I would term as virtually freeware. Another developer has produced a Hi-Def rendition of the Mooney (both exterior and vc) and has issued it as freeware for the enjoyment of all flight simmers. And that was done with the cooperation of Carenado. Are Carenado aware of the limited availability of your add-on? Please do not take this as criticism against your wonderful company and the high standard products that you provide, it is purely a comment on your policy decision process. It in no way will prevent me from purchasing any future Aerosoft offerings! Kindest regards Malcolm
  15. Hi Shaun Does this mean that unless we actually purchased the Mooney through Aerosoft that we can not gain access to this wonderful product? Or are we able to register it (I bought mine through Carenado when it first came out) and then be able to get it? Malcolm
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