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  1. Thanks man, struggling to get subscribers though haha! Ross Thomson.
  2. http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=43285 Thanks! Ross Thomson.
  3. Sorry, Still trying to find my way about these forum's. Could someone move the topic for me? I bought the Just Flight one and emm.. No. It's not too good. But I'm sure Aerosoft would get a tonne of sales with a Tomahawk. Ross Thomson.
  4. Hey guys, I made a video of the Airbus X! Astonishing as it is, it isn't reflected too much in the video Ross Thomson.
  5. Any chance you guys at Aerosoft could make a piper pack or something, maybe just the Tomahawk ? I'm learning to fly on this and this has been a really neglected model in the FS community ? Regards. Ross Thomson
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