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  1. Hi what's up check out these three state operated a320's 1-Oman air force. 2-Kuwait state. 3-Qatar Amiri flight. regards ibrahim
  2. plllleeeeaaassssseee try to do them bro!!
  3. i know.................. but my problem is that i can't engage it at all when i press it........... just like it wouldn't respond ................................
  4. hello everybody i need help with my autothrottle system because when i press the autothrottle button it just wont work however all other auto systems are ok so please if anyone has an idea let me know thank's in advance regards ibrahim ali
  5. yeah... i also noticed the the fmc is realistic like the on in planes we fly
  6. hi everybody i was just wondering if the terrain on nav display work...because when i press it nothing happens so please let me know regards to you all ibrahim
  7. Hi is anyone kind enough to do this repaint!! kam air-Afghanistan regards ibrahim
  8. hi would any painter like to do this repaint...for safi airways thank you all ibrahim
  9. Hi everybody.......hello holgi i just wanted to post a couple of repaint requests: SV A320+A321 RJ A321 let me know THANK YOU ibrahim
  10. Hi...AEROSOFT after your airbus x i became a proud aerosoft user but i wonder if you would release other airplanes(beside bae 146) like A319,A318 as an extension to airbus x or perhaps A330/A340 anyway i love all your products and thank you aerosoft... ibrahim
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