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  1. Great to hear that, thank you! System is: P3D V4, A330 V1.0.2.0, Windows 10. PS: If you do this correctly, the nosewheel steering should not work whenever the lower ECAM indicates N/W STRG in orange (e.g. when all Hydraulic systems are shut down). Besides the status page, the ECAM indications are all implemented, but currently they have no consequences for the actual plane.
  2. What I should add: In the test with the brake accumulator down to zero I turned off all hydraulic systems. The indicator indicated no braking at all, but in fact the brakes worked perfectly fine.
  3. Hello, I recently found that the nose-wheel-steering/anti-skid selector turned to off has no meaning to the actual nose-wheel steering. It is displayed in the lower ECAM, but still everything including the nose-wheel steering works perfectly fine. The same holds for the braking system. It is simulated impressively (normal/alternate braking, accumulator) in the brake pressure indication right of the lower ECAM, but even if the brake accumulator is down to zero, the actual braking still works perfectly fine. I somehow felt "tricked" when I found this out, especially becau
  4. Is this still recommended? Or has it been solved in one of the last updates?
  5. Hello Aerosoft, for a while now I am happily using your A333 - it brings me all over the world without issues (Airbus long-haul - have been waiting for it a long time!). Thank you for that!!! There are just three things I would like to request for future versions: 1. I would love to see OPT FL (PROG Page) working after having saved a flight and reload it. Also the timers do not continue where they stopped after a saved flight. 2. I would like to use VHF2 on the captain's side, too. At the moment I must use the FO's radio panel to tune in ATIS frequencies etc.
  6. The controller asked my whether I am on STD, I sayed yes - tested around a bit and realized the problem. But great that you are already working on it! Waiting for a little hotfix. Btw. other than that I do enjoy your A330. Cross The Pond to JFK - no issues, really like it!
  7. Hello, when I am using the altimeter pressure in in Hg and set it to STD during climb after passing 18000ft, the display shows STD, but the displayed altitude does not change. If I do this using the hPa mode, the displayed altitude changes as it is supposed to be. Maybe you can investigate this? I it happens with any pressure (obviously not with 29.92/1013 as no change in the displayed altitude should happen here). For me it looks like something is wrong with the in Hg mode of the altimeter. The problem accurs in cruise, too - if I change it just for testing purposes. So it does no
  8. I am not a real pilot, I just know how the A320 of a competitor flies, and I know videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJrLKLoJG_o All I can say is that I think, being hand-flown the Aerosoft Airbus does not handle how I would expect it comparing it to these videos or to this other product.
  9. I hope this post is not considered to be off-topic. To be honest: When all the small and big bugs and requests in the small Bus family are solved/completed, I personally would love to see the A330 released before adding additional features to the small (and big) Airbuses.
  10. This post deals with P3d v2. I really like all the new addons (produced or published by Aerosoft) working fine with P3d v2. But as you probably know older products have some problems with the new P3d versions. Especially the lights at night are not working the way they should do. In most sceneries this is the only thing that causes problems. I see that there are planned new versions for many of those airports (e.g. Frankfurt), but on the other hand many older airports such as "German Airports 2012" will stay incompatible to P3d v2 for years. And this is the point. I like your products, an
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