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  1. In my opinion it is important that there is the possibility to access locally stored files - e.g. by creating a folder that can be used for that (and ideally it should be possible to create subfolders as well). As long as this is possible, it would be perfect to keep default-documents such as manuals up to date which means that they should be located on a server.
  2. Can we expect the A330 to be compatible with P3D V4.4 (or 4.5 if that version will exist)? I am just wondering because if you need some more months maybe P3D V5 is available - and usually it does not make sense for consumers to update the Sim right away because quite a lot of the addons may not work in a completely new Sim version (I do not mean 4.x to 4.x+1) until patches are released. So I would be kind of relieved knowing the A330 will work with the latest P3D v4 version.
  3. I am not a real pilot, I just know how the A320 of a competitor flies, and I know videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJrLKLoJG_o All I can say is that I think, being hand-flown the Aerosoft Airbus does not handle how I would expect it comparing it to these videos or to this other product.
  4. I hope this post is not considered to be off-topic. To be honest: When all the small and big bugs and requests in the small Bus family are solved/completed, I personally would love to see the A330 released before adding additional features to the small (and big) Airbuses.
  5. Not exactly takeoff, but landing related: Can you include an option to disable certain callouts during landing, too? I for example try to simulate a Lufthansa Airbus and I think they do not have the callouts 500, 70 and 60, so I would like to disable them. To be honest - I find the 70 and 60 callouts a bit irritating anyways. Thank you so much!
  6. Great idea, I would use that, too. As V2 is not called out in many companies, I would not want to have that called out though. Maybe you can create a settings menu with callouts one wants to hear even without using any kind of copilot checklist (e.g. thrust stabilized, 100, V1, rotate, ... , reverse green etc.) so that you can choose what you want to hear.
  7. Hello Mathijs, does your "Yes" count for this question as well?
  8. I don't know whether they have already implemented their drag modifications, but in general the A320 and especially the A321 does not like speed reductions too much. What I want to say: With 2000ft/min descend rate - which is quite a lot - problems regarding speed reductions (even with speed brakes deployed) do not seem too unrealistic to me.
  9. This post deals with P3d v2. I really like all the new addons (produced or published by Aerosoft) working fine with P3d v2. But as you probably know older products have some problems with the new P3d versions. Especially the lights at night are not working the way they should do. In most sceneries this is the only thing that causes problems. I see that there are planned new versions for many of those airports (e.g. Frankfurt), but on the other hand many older airports such as "German Airports 2012" will stay incompatible to P3d v2 for years. And this is the point. I like your products, and I know the patches of simmershome. I use them, too. However many of these patches are quite poor and have unwanted side-effects. I do not know how much work it is to include P3d v2 lights in your FSX-sceneries and I only ask for the airports no update is planned for in the near future. I only ask for compatible lighting (I think you know how to do that because your new sceneries are fully compatible to P3d v2) and maybe for a new installer. For example you could develop a product including patches for all Aerosoft-airports. I am pretty sure many people would pay for example 30€ for that. Please, set up a team which patches the old FSX-sceneries to make night-landings a joy again. I would very very much appreciate it! Thank you for reading this.
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