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  1. Version 1.1


    Uploaded this package on behalf of Tom Knudson and with his permission . This script will change the overall clouds preference for the X-Plane 10.42 and above (not tested below). This will not work with X-Plane version 9, so do not ask! What this script will impact in game! 1. Clouds 2. Atmospheric Raleigh Scattering 3. Ground Cloud Shadows 4. Sky Color What is new in version 1.1 - Shadow bugs are fixed - Shadows do not flicker as reported. - Shadows are redifined and more tight with sharper edges - Resolution is the same - Scattering is refined Everthing is tested with optimal performance for Cloud settings at 100%. You need however to have the "Fly With Lua" plugin installed! Get it here http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/3527-flywithlua-xp10xp9/
  2. Version 1.0.0


    On behalf of Marc Leydecker, Aerosoft is pleased to offer you this comprehensive LIN File Line specification tutorial.Intro Painted line files (.lin) define taxiway markings that can be draped over DSFs, although they could can be used for other purposes too. Painted line files are standard X-Plane 8/9 text files starting with a header and then commands. The # defines a comment. For a .lin file to be valid, it must contain a TEXTURE command, a SCALE command and an S_OFFSET command. A 850 LINE_PAINTPainted lines are defining polygons in the DSF file. The polygon may have windings - only lat and lon coordinates are needed. The polygon parameter is used to indicate a closed loop (1) or open chain (0). If two coordinates are provided (lon, lat) then the line is made of line segments. But if it is made of four coordinates (lon, lat, control lon, control lat) then it is interpreted as bezier curves.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Aerosoft is pleased to publish, on behalf of Kostas D. Koronakis, his fictional livery of KLM (Old Colors) - PH—BFA for 747-8i, using Supercritical Simulation Group’s 747-8 model. Enjoy the flight of Boeing 747-8 ! Many thanks for the support and help to my friend in Supercritical Simulation Group, Stefan Keller ! Kostas D. Koronakis kdkoronakis@yahoo.com © 2015
  4. Hi Alehead, What D-AISH already said "avoid people from downloading their pictures" and I can add to this complete reviews (text), columns, interviews, posts etc. Unfortunately, it's common that "others" to copy & paste whatever they see. On the other hand ... reviews, columns and interviews are opened in a new tab, but still with the protection being active. Hope this answers your question/thoughts.
  5. Dear all, ASN (Aerosoft Sim News) is still looking for Reviewers! Not just Flight Sim products, but any kind of ‘serious’ simulator products are done. Reviewers have to be able to look at products with an open mind, as if they are the kind of customer who would buy the product and whenever possible, have an easy to read writing style. No experience is needed, though it is certainly welcome! Written reviews can be in one of the following languages; English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and soon Russian. When you’re interested in writing reviews for ASN and looking for a new challenge within the Simulation world, I encourage you to send your application directly to Aerosoft.Sim.News@gmail.com or you can use the “Contact” link on the ASN website.
  6. Thanks Otto for your time and explanation. Now I understand what you mean, but it was done on purpose. The idea / my intention was ... when you click, either from the posting or from the menu "a column" or "review", a new window opens. That said, you never lose the original ASN page you were reading. When you're finished reading the column or review, you simple click that window away and you've got the original page back in view. Therefore, I wanted no menu's on the column and/or review page (different templates) also to keep it clean. But Otto, I keep this remark in mind.
  7. Hey Otto, See my reply in-between your comments. Thanks by the way for your time and suggestions.
  8. Dear Readers, I can tell you, with ASN (Aerosft Sim News) life for just a couple of weeks, it's great to receive all those supporting e-mails, ASN comments etc. That sounds all nice, but I still have enough ideas to expand the daily news. And that daily news could be anything, ranging from train simulators, bus and underground software, and of course, flight simulation news and real aviation news. For sure, I've forgotten a few other areas. With my background, FS and real aviation news, it isn't difficult to find that news, but when it comes to bus, train and underground news, it's more complicated. The same issue is applicable for X-Plane news. I've got a lot of X-Plane related websites to visit daily, but somebody who's working/flying with X-Plane for years, knows for sure more where to find hot news. That said, I'm looking for dedicated news editors, in particular in the areas of bus, train and underground simulators and not to forget, a specialist in doing X-Plane news on a daily base. When you think you're the right person to help ASN, please send me an email to Aerosoft.Sim.News@gmail.com or use the "Contact" menu item in the sidebar of ASN.
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