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  1. Love your work,as always mr.holgi Cheers mate.
  2. Hi there... Can i request for this fine livery of a321 neo? thanks in advance,for whom might be interested of making one. Regards to all.
  3. first of all,thanks for ur nice hd liveries.i love 'em. it's just that wanna ask about the weird layers at the bottom of the tail sec. best regards. AIRBUS_EX320_TAILSEC_C.dds
  4. Have u tried,to go for windows/users/temp files?

    U should see fsx icon,created in there...double click on it,and u'll be back there.but i think the mcdu data won't be saved...

    Im sorry,I'm near my pc,to check the exact steps....but u could try(users/temp files)

  5. Unclean????


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    2. CAS22


      U gotta be kidding ur self...

      It's a flight sim,not a virtual life.

      Get over ur self....don't talk like u know shit,it's flaming flight sim.


    3. CAS22


      Plus,not all EU airports meeting the en saftey standerds.



    4. TwinFSX


      Yes, your right some airports in the EU has not high standarts. All unclean airports are published by the German CAA (Luftfahrtbundesamt) for flights in or out of Germany.

    Good work..wish to see HD ones... Happy new year.
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