Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. Hello emanuel. r u rated for airbus? I apologize for this question.. Just curious about ur aviation career. I like you all guys in the AEROSOFT, without exaggeration, u guys r qualified to soar and establish a name in virtual aviation. Regards to all, stefan, the great mathijs kok and the rest of aerosoft staff and fans. Sorry tom, for deviated this subject. former airforce pilot from iraq.
  2. One more thing... BAD WEATHER is the challenge for pilots to's all about experience and skills. So use ur imaginations in flight simulator
  3. Hello everyone.. I do enjoy read your posts guys, but sometimes i wish i could help mathijs and other AeroSoft staff, to convince and give a clear picture to all dear customers on the FAILURE subject... I was honorably discharged from the airforce on 2013 due to back injury (car accident) sadly after only 8 years in service..however, we as pilots and student pilots, in military or commercial aviation are ought to study the failure and abnormal operation chapters including emergency procedures.. To qualify us to be in charge in BAD situations... Other than that, no pilot ever wish to see failures up in the sky. And no pilot would try out switching engine or auto pressurization off, or stall the plane to check his skills. Period . I do have pmdg and majestic q400 and surely the AeroSoft A320/321planes, and never crossed my mind the failure sections... We need to stop giving to much pressure to AS team, as they work real hard to extract a pure normal operationally aircrafts, we need to give some support rather than continuous demands, mostly unnecessary.. I have demands about cockpit lights and 2d pop up pfd nd panels as well, but AS made it clear about that. Let's respect their philosophy. My regards to all AeroSoft team and to you guys, and the nice wise guy in this forum DaveCT2003. I wish we all enjoy the upcoming A330 in SOP flights. P. S: i love the funny comments from mathijs and dudley
  4. Sure mate... I hope this EFB demands to stop... There's no logic and sense of using it. Even some guys who r flying the captain sim 777,mentioned the fps impact, and distraction while they're in control of the plane. Plus this matter gives the pressure to developers to meet the EFB interested customers demands, i guess . Let's hope in future ,the software developers to come up with integrated ways to make EFB as fps friendly tool, may be pop up window style as well or as suggested ,stand alone tool etc... Then I'll join the EFB demander club. Greets to all my friends.
  5. It's not a complement to Aerosoft, when i say that Aerosoft is a high class company, in temrs of genral picture(products, friendly creative staff, services and support) in my opinion it's the truth to be told. Regards to all. P. S: we should avoid harsh comments on competitive companies ...we're the Aerosoft fans and costumers, we have class too.
  6. Simply great job , nice shots show the progressive effort, cheers stefan... I ought to make a vow, when i get this elegant A330 l'll first fly it with virgin atlantic texture. Cheers aerosoft
  7. I agree with you... It's principle, who we are, and how we conduct things.
  8. Fantastic work stefan... Can't wait for this beauty to soar in our virtual skies... Just one thing gotta ask though,what's gonna be the standard texure detail2048 or 4096 or lower? I'm not regular in this forum, pardon me, if this question was already asked . Cheers.
  9. Great progressive job, and great details, thanks for your time to update us.. Cheers Stefan... Best regards to All Aerosoft Team...
  10. Sure it might be unpopular...but i gree with you and afonso_am and ivan lewis..i would love to see the great team of aerosoft to keep for us the option of enable/disable for efb,and separate f/o controls, same as pmdg 777,if possible, for those suffer vas and other graphic impact performance that lead dissatisfaction... other than that i personally im always happy and grateful with aerosoft.
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