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  1. alaister1

    Airport Genoa XP (released)

    Very nice!
  2. alaister1

    Dortmund for XPlane 11 (released)

    Will keep my new X-Plane eye on this
  3. Ahhh the square peg, round hole problem lol Setup options could be put into the captains mobile hehe
  4. Thanks Mathijs, never knew about this, I'll have a look!
  5. It's a shame that the A330 is early 2018, but I understand that many customers want the A318-A321 in P3Dv4, so supply & demand . Those WIP shots look as good as they usually do!! I hope the systems under the hood are coming along just as well. One question, will the A318-A321 line get the same level detailing around doors/cargo holds as the A330? (I can wait as long as needed for these great aircraft, as I'm not simming much at the moment after the birth of my first child, I'm lucky I'm at my PC now lol.)
  6. Was watching a video of an A330 gear swing earlier and found out that the strut compresses on retraction/extends on extension. Is this unique to the A330? Wonder how visible it is in the model? hehe Anywho found it interesting:
  7. TFS is my preferred airport in the canaries, or Spain for that matter, but I'm in no rush and will happily wait for its release, LPA will be a nice alternative till then
  8. Absolutely wonderful Stefan! The lightning looks so nice, she's really starting to look the part now
  9. Nice little treat, Thank you! Hope all have a great Easter weekend/break
  10. Get out of town! Guess I didn't go check my flightdeck thoroughly