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  1. Am I being blind, no Airbus house colours?
  2. Thank you very mush for this, looks amazing! Hope to see it on the A320/A321 maybe in the future D:
  3. Airbus colours on both A318/A319 please
  4. Impressive! Haven't done much flying in or around the Chicago area once Meigs closed, may make a return with this one Just a quick question with regards the lack of night textures, will the ground become a 'black field' or will default fs night textures fill in?
  5. I think you are forgetting the LIGHTS_TOILET_1... The only one I think you could add would be spot-ligt/s for SAR aircraft/helicopters. I would like to see all aircraft lights cast realistic beams on items (i.e. be a light source), but things like road lights are fine being just light points.
  6. How about a Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star either with or without a G1000 set-up and/or a Cirrus SR-22 GTS for GA aircraft. Also I'd maybe like to see an Embraer ERJ170 or ERJ190 in there. Final suggestion maybe a Gulfstream G-IV or G-V
  7. My first post here too Fantastic news, I've been wishing for something like this for years. Its also great news to here BAA are involved, this will make this a truely fine piece of work. I have a few questions: 1. Not asking for a release date or anything, Im in no rush for it :wink: I would like to roughly know what stage you're at 10% 20%? 2. Will T5 be as it is now, or as it will be when completed? 3. Will there be some scenery of the surrounding area including such things as the hotels to the north, Hatton Cross station (good spotting area) and M25/access roads etc?
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