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  1. I am afraid not... Dev is working with a few hundred photos which I delivered and I am betatester too. Haven’t heard in months about EHRD.
  2. Well, I tried but didnt succeed. But I managed to disable the aakh for. So I am fine now. Thx Lem
  3. Hi, I downloaded the NL-Landmarks and when starting X-plane I get an error message. The log file says: Failed to find resource 'Forest/aakh_Coni_tmp_wet_dense.for', referenced from scenery package 'Custom Scenery/z_NL_Landmarks_09-17/' As far as I can see, I have all the libraries installed. Anyone please? Grz. Paul
  4. Sorry Matthijs. All was set up as it should, but I found the solution just minutes ago testing Helgo... ;). The 'not steering' was caused by EZDOK 2.5beta 'Shake fuselage'. Installing 2.6beta solved this. Grz.Paul
  5. I Can see my rudder pedals move, but I can’t steer while taxying . Inflight the rudder works ok. Am I overseeing something? Related to the ground friction issue mentioned elsewhere in this forum perhaps? Anybody. Plz help
  6. Are those not taken from PFPX? And aircraft registration, like PH-PBX?
  7. LS, Which 'fields' in PFPX and Topcat should be the same (have the same values) to get optimal cooperation between the two? I couldn't find recent info. Did there change anything in this respect with the last updates of the two. Grz Paul
  8. I did not try yet, but I would like to know if Airbus a320 runs now on P3Dv4? Or is it unusable until 2018? Thx. Paul
  9. Hi Tom, Perhaps it was a leftover from a previous installation/incomplete deinstallation some time ago. thx for your support. Grz
  10. When choosing the ofp tab and format in the ribbon. First is an Airbus shows the ofp in xml format Sec the EDS shows ofp readable Third PFPX shows ofp readable
  11. The second and third are normal fplans. I use only the third (pfpx) format, so no big deal for me. I use the latest hotfix
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