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  1. I take it back! It did work once I got the last line to stop deleting. Thanks. Here's hoping it continues to work.
  2. I already have those lines. Do you mean in the 736 ini file?
  3. Still no fix for this. I tried to redownload 10.4...no difference. I tried downloading more liveries from the command center...nothing. Andy B. seems to have an answer, but I don't understand how to do what he mentions. Someone on the PMDG gave a similar cryptic answer, as well. We are not all computer gurus. I can't find any how to's on Youtube for this either. Frustrating. I was hoping to try out this smaller version of the 737. But at least CPM now works on the -700. I don't regret donating the $35 to PMDG. They are a fine company.
  4. I did not do that for the 700 and it worked fine. I don't even know what you are talking about, but I would try it if I knew how to do it. Where is this file and how do I enable it? Thanks.
  5. I agree. I ONLY bought it for the PMDG MSFS 737. I did try it on the Zibo version, but just to make sure it works. I don't care for Xplane11. I hope this will be ready to go as soon as the release!
  6. It might have helped if there had been a description for each column. I quickly discovered that some of my later entries changed the values in the entries toward the beginning of the line. So, I did not enter in each column, just put in my max miles and total time each time, along with starting and ending airports. I put my individual flight times/nm in the diary. But I was careful to only input on my line. I can see how easy it would be to accidently input to an adjacent line. Not the best system, but it served its purpose, I guess.
  7. FINAL POST! ARRIVED AT HEALTHROW (EGLL) LATE LAST NIGHT [NOTE: Last post says "Day 18' but was actually day 19] DAY 20 - LEG 8/C AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/24/22) DEPARTED: LPFL (Flores) ARRIVED: LECO (A Coruna) 04hr 15min 02seconds 1047nm landed, checked fuel, and took off right away DAY 20 - LEG 8/D AC: KA350i (2d LATE POSTING FOR 3/24/22) DEPARTED: LECO (A Coruna) ARRIVED: EGLL (Heathrow IAP, London, England) 02hr 19min 34seconds 1047nm final pics and comments below.... Prepare to leave Flores Check the chart, get clearance Full throttle and take off Goodbye little island After hours across water, finally land is sighted Made a few flight plan changes on the way and decided to go to LECO instead of LEST, shaving some nm's off Almost there And touchdown, followed by a quick takeoff Nice view of the area as I do almost a 180 from a southern takeoff to a mostly northern heading towards Europe and England Views along the way... And as the sun began setting, I woke it back up a few times with the weather control Very close to my final destination...80 days done in 20 actual flying days around the world! Ah Heathrow at last Should I park by the big guys? And an overview shot of Heathrow And a final shot from way up high. This has been a lot of fun over many, many hours. I learned a lot along the way. I made (and am making) more upgrades to my flight sim system. Soon I will transition to the new PMDG 737, which is currently in beta. Hopefully my skills will increase with continuous practice and study. But I have enjoyed the elegant KA350i turboprop. A great world traveler and companion! Happy air trails everyone! Rich
  8. DAY 18 - LEG 8/B AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/19/22) DEPARTED: CYQX (Gander AP) ARRIVED: LPFL (Flores) 04hr 42min 14seconds 1151nm Photos and comments below... Off again. Notice in the ver map, the hairpin turn out of the AP. Beginning with my flight from LaGuardia I have been using IFR so that I can fly with NAV. These last few flights have been mostly water, so not a lot of pretty views to post. You can see the AP I just took off from below as autopilot turns me to the proper course heading One final view. After this is was water and nighttime Ahead is my destination. I had turned on the outdoor lights prior to arrival, so I got there close to dusk. The landing is on the far right edge of that island. A very small, almost hidden strip. Hard to spot. My first pass was high and fast, so I came back around, but was still too fast. I have to confess I finally just went for it (it was late here), but landed too hard and MSFS gave me a crash alert. My flight time was recorded however, and I did end up on the runway, so it is accurate. Normally I would have redone the landing, but I am getting ready to leave for the beach tomorrow (which is today as I post this). I will be back home on 3/24/2022 and will attempt to complete the 80 day event on schedule.
  9. DAY 18 - LEG 8/A AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/16/22) DEPARTED: KLGA (LaGuardia IAP, New York) ARRIVED: CYQX (Gander AP)) 03hr 56min 38seconds 952nm Photos and comments below.. . And we are off again...leaving NY behind us Nice view of the 'Apple' Then it was a very long flight to Gander Destination in sight And we are down. One more trip before I leave for Spring break (to the beach in So Cal)
  10. DAY 17 - LEG 7C AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/14/22) DEPARTED: KELP (El Paso IAP Texas) ARRIVED: KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas) 01hr 54min 26seconds 478nm And after fueling and taking on supplies... DAY 17 - LEG 7/D AC: KA350i (2d LATE POSTING FOR 3/14/22) DEPARTED: KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas) ARRIVED: KBMT (Murfreesboro MuniAP, Tennessee) 02hr 29min 40seconds 557nm And after fueling and taking on supplies... DAY 17 - LEG 7/E AC: KA350i (3d LATE POSTING FOR 3/14/22) DEPARTED: KBMT (Murfreesboro MuniAP, Tennessee) ARRIVED: KLGA (LaGuardia IAP, New York) 02hr 55min 12seconds 657nm Photos and comments below... And we are off from El Paso... ...and before you know it, closing in on Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Landed in DFW but as time was of the essence, didn't even bother parking. Fueled, logged and... heading out again to Murfreesboro, Tennesee Quite a few waterways in the DFW area Tennessee is very green Cruised pretty low for most of the last part Another view of my home cockpit Getting close And down at the Municipal AP in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, where my sister and nephew and families all live So I texted both of them and asked for a virtual pickup from the AP. Sis says this pic is very close to the actual area So my nephew claimed that the bright yellow car in the center was his, BUT as I really wanted to make it in to New York by end of day, I decided to cut my visit short and hit the air once again Checked the Laguardia IAP layout just before leaving Tennessee No time for sight seeing...just got to Laguardia asap. Not a bad version, considering it is the stock from MSFS Before parking I decided to take a look at NYNY. Buildings anyone? And so...relegated to another obscure parking space WAAAAY in the back. The same treatment I get at LAX! Hmmmmfpp! OK....just one more major leg in this series!
  11. DAY 16 - LEG 7/A AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/9/22) DEPARTED: KSFO (San Francisco IAP, California) ARRIVED: KLAS (McCarran AP Las Vegas NV) 01hr 54min 22seconds 361nm And after fueling and taking on supplies... DAY 16 - LEG 7/B AC: KA350i (2d LATE POSTING FOR 3/2/22) DEPARTED: KLAS (McCarran AP Las Vegas NV) ARRIVED: KELP (El Paso IAP Texas) 02hr 04min 21seconds 506nm photos and comments below... Off we go into the wild blue yonder out of SF A beautiful sun-sparling day outa the bay After a quick turn we are headed over the mountains to Southern California USA It quickly become apparent how much of a desert SoCal really is And at last we land in Las Vegas at McCarran IAP. I thought about landing at Nellis AFB, where I was stationed as an avionics tech, but it is a very bland recreation (landed there many times in the sim already). McCarran at least has the city as a background, and overall it's not a bad rep for a generic. And a nice daytime view of Vegas as we leave for Texas Lots more desert...and more to come late when we enter Texas Flying low and going around some mountains up ahead to come in nice and low. As you can see the AP is only about 28 nm away. Surrounding area is very flat with a mountain popping up now and then. Originally referred to as El Paso del Norte ("the pass of the north"). I lived here for several years as a youth. Graduated from HS and moved to SoCal with my family. A straight shot to the AP from here And we're parked. Thanks dude One last photo. The EPIAP is not a realistic sim recreation, but the buildings generally show location and size fairly well, as I remember it. I took this pic because I wanted to locate the approximate spot where, one summer, I drove out with my little brother in tow to see JFK and then Governor Connelly. They spoke to our small group of people roughly at the spot I took this pic from. It was midday and the weather was just like this pic. We were only a few yards from the President, who was on a temporary platform less than 3 feet from the ground level. Secret service was behind him. No bubbles, and no heavy security. Different times. But I am glad I got my lazy teenage butt out of bed and took this opportunity. SO, once again I am late in my posting (it is March 14). But while I am posting this I am also flying to Dallas-Fort Worth on the sim computer, right behind me. I plan to make it to NY by end of day....on time!
  12. DAY 12 - LEG 6/C AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 2/21/22) DEPARTED: UHPP (Yelizovo AP) Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ARRIVED: UHPA (Pakhachi AP) Tilichiki, Russia <======= Previous post had an error. This is the correct AP code. 2hr 31 min 29 seconds 563 nm DAY 13 - LEG 6/D AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 2/28/22) DEPARTED: UHPA (Pakhachi AP) Tilichiki, Russia ARRIVED: UHMA (Anadyr AP Russia) 01hr 32min 33seconds 345nm After a brief rest, took off again the same day.... DAY 13 - LEG 6/E AC: KA350i (2d LATE POSTING FOR 2/28/22) DEPARTED: UHMA (Anadyr AP Russia) ARRIVED: PAED (Elmendorf USAF Base, Anchorage, AK) 03hr 33min 50seconds 898nm DAY 14 - LEG 6/F AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/1/22) DEPARTED: PAED (Elmendorf USAF Base, Anchorage, AK) ARRIVED: CZST (Stewart AP British Columbia, Canada) 03hr 03min 06seconds 694nm DAY 15 - LEG 6/G AC: KA350i (LATE POSTING FOR 3/2/22) DEPARTED: CZST (Stewart AP British Columbia, Canada) ARRIVED: CYYJ (Victoria IAP, Canada) 02hr 02min 26seconds 499nm And after fueling and taking on supplies, took off for the last flight of this leg... DAY 15 - LEG 6/H AC: KA350i (2d LATE POSTING FOR 3/2/22) DEPARTED: CYYJ (Victoria IAP, Canada) ARRIVED: KSFO (San Francisco IAP, California) 02hr 41min 26seconds 664nm And so I arrived 1 day late to San Francisco. Had some interesting flights, and more gorgeous scenery. Took several photos, which I am posting below in the order there were taken. Can you figure out which flight each one came from? This is Elmendorf AFB. I landed here without permission because I did 4 short TDYs at this base for the Air Force. I looked around the base, While it is far from an accurate recreation, they do represent some of the buildings in a general way. The actual base if much more modern, and nicer, of course. Took a look around Anchorage to see how close it resembles what I remember from my 4 trips there. This looks very close to the road back to the base coming from downtown EXCEPT I don't remember driving through that large building!! Must be something new. OK, this one and the next one are out of order. This was a super narrow landing from the mountains at quite a steep drop. I actually hit the runway too hard, which ended my fight without a photo. the 2d photo was taken before I took off to show where I would have been parked. Not sure how they got reversed, but this one is the takeoff later. This is a fairly nice shot of SF. At least it gives the feel of the area, if not the realism. San Francisco at last! While the AP is large, it does not appear accurate. I didn't check to see if there was an update available since I was behind schedule. If I ever return I will do that next time. Overall, even though rushed, the flights went well. I kept real weather for most of the trip, except where I could not see enough to land well. I have only been flying VFR. I did change the time to daylight, except for a few nice twilight shots. Once I was in line with SF coastline I flew mostly real time. NOTE: The KA350i now has more realistic prop wash dynamics. It did seem more squirrelly on take off, but overall I did not notice much difference. I did have one bad landing on the runaway (see notes in pics above). It was a tight area, but I am happy to blame it on the new dynamics. So.....we are getting close to the end, with only 2 more major legs to the trip! See you in the air! -Rich
  13. BEHIND IN THE PAPERWORK! I have done 5 flights getting from Russia to San Francisco, as of yesterday. (My heart and prayers go out to all who are suffering over there!) I will post my flights when I return from a weekend conference. Just wanted to go on record that I am still in the 80 days run! -Rich
  14. I am counting on this! Ordered my CM CDU to get ready for the release of the new msfs 737 from pmdg. It just shipped and I know the new 737 version is in final beta testing now. Just gives me enough time to figure out how I will physically add the cdu to my flight sim setup. Can't wait!
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