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  1. Time to go into the hangar of my (A2A) Piper J3 and inspect the plane to take my 25 years old Harley and ride the route 66 is one of the dreams, which every biker has. One question, should this idea placed in the general discussion section? Another idea for flights with this group: every pilot told his home airport and we visit them from one to the next. There are atw80-pilots from South America, USA, Europe... Maybe there are pilots from Asia or Afrika, too? PeSt
  2. The (Glowingheat) Lookhead A-12 is still a bigger beast than the Valkyrie, five times i started a new fast round around the world, ervery time the beast goes into highspeed stall. But this fight is not over, i will take the "Habu" around the world (maybe only with mach 0.9 :-) )
  3. For me, there is no problem to vote. I will send Mathijs my vote in 3 categories: pre-70, post-70 and all together, so he can use for voting what he want. I have read the most of the diaries, dont know if i miss one or two. But reading the diaries at long distance flights, at home or at the office (pssst - don't tell my boss), reading the comments of the other pilots, was such a great fun, i miss it very much. I did one or two (or fifteen, sixteen?) flights since the end of the atw-tour, make screenshots, thinking about new tours, buy an aircraft how is faster then the valkyrie to make captn Mops the fastest cat on earth and then i realise, atw80 is gone, there is no diary, where i can place the pictures, where other can make comments. Maybe i will work on my website -thats another story. But fact is, for me, yes everbody is a winner who has started the tour and made it, slow with a lot of flights or fast in easy hops. But some of them has made so pretty pictures and videos, flightstories and fun stories, makes me laughing or gives me inspiration, its a pleasure for me for vote for them. Happy new year! PeSt and Captn Mops
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! a new one! merry chrismas PeSt
  5. No, Unfortunately not. So i must do the tour again and slower to get my drinks. The 80 drinks are the real challenge, to make it harder 80 different drinks?
  6. Dear Friends, nice to see you all at the end of the adventure in the club. I ve got big respect, that you have done the flight over this long time. To read all of your diaries was a big pleasure. Waiting here since oct. 15, Captn Mops and i try to drink the bar empty. We have made a lot of plans for next year to do the tour again wiht you. Merry chrismas! Captn Mops & PeSt
  7. Captn Mops and i waiting at heathrow, big welcome and respect for your great tour. And Rupert, come in we have Highland Park Mops and ithinking about a new world tour, maybe fast in our Habu (A-12), like you in the cat or in Anuschka (AN-2) like Windsweep. We will see. best regards and thanks for your excellent pictures and travel log. PeSt
  8. The last leg. Before we start,we make a call to Scott, buzz and Glen. They like that we are on the last leg, but the leg cross the us they don´t like. Glenn dont like the time we need to mach 3.0, Buzz don´t like the decent, scott don´t like the landing. I remember my time at flight school with one trainer in the Piper Cub. But every time we call the boys we talk with three trainers, which see every small thing. The cheap phone running out of energy, i hear from Scott: "and the rules, you know, you have to" and then was silence, the battery of the phone was dead. Captn Mops means rules, pah, who need them.. and we begann to prepar the Valkyrie for the last leg. Distance: 3044 nm Flight time: 03:41 h Overall distance: 21044 nm Overall flight time: 23:23 h After landing, Captn Mops and i put on our 2FAST4U-t-Shirts and run into the race-office at Heathrow, shows the very strange looking race manager our logbooks. He was reading for a short moment into the log, than he tell us with a big smile, that this was not a race, this was a rally. Does we not have read the rules? We had to stay at fixed locations to fixed times. And his smiling face looks like a shark as he sad: And you are OUT! I cant remember the next minutes. Hours later, we was leaving the police station, after drug- and alkoholtests and knowing about the criminal charge about destroying the office of the race manager, without a job and no money in our pockets. We meet Scott and the boys at an airport pub. After a small party the boys leave, to bring back the B-70 to her last parking space at the airforce museum . After takeoff and a fast overflight the Valkyrie goes straight up and away. Captn Mops and i looked sad at the sky, 9 flights, a tour around the world, the Valkyrie was our home, our Millenium falcon. Suddenly we hear a voice saying: "Excuse me, Gentlemen" The voice belongs to one of two buissnessman. "You are the fastest pilots in this rally at the pre-70-class. Maybe you want it at the post-70-class, too? We ve got the money, we ve got the plane, we only need the pilots..you!" We smiled and agreed, and Captn Mops puts out the meanwhile recharged phone to call Michiko, tell her she will see him soon. But thats a different story...
  9. The Flight from Hawaii to New York Captn Mops told me how he missed Michiko now, how he will miss Michiko at New York, and so on. I can´t here it anymore and so we make a deal: we go as fast as possible to London. If we got the prize money he can go then back to Hawaii. The bird is refuelled, so lets go bad wheather at New York Distance: 2448 nm Flight time: 02:43 h
  10. If i ever come to the museum, i will give my wife my credit card and sent her to the next shopping mall and i will spend a lot of time to visit all the hangars with all the fantastic birds inside.
  11. I ´ve got a very good cheeseburger, with bacon and extra cheese ad jalapenjoes. While i was eating, Captn mops and Michiko has a little conversation. After this Captn Mops was totaly defeated. Michiko stays 2 weeks at a 5 Stars hotel at hawaii, and if - and she said if she ever would fly with him, then she will sit at first class, with champagner and caviar. Twenty minutes later we was ready for takeoff. do-it-your-self aurora Distance: 2081 nm Flight time: 02:01 h
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