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  1. Key to success it to make it more than a flight sim and include building/landscaping options and cars, trains, and ships. Also it would need some clever gameplay. The biggest reason flight sims are such a niché today is that they mostly appeal to those who don't need structured gameplay - which are few and far between. To get more people involved there need to be some kind of structure and achievement system to awaken the competitive instict which drivers gamers. Start small and expand realism, complexity and features over time. It would need a very solid foundation and some visionary game developers to make it work. Nerdy games can become huge. Just look at niché games like The Sims, Sim City, Railroad Tycoon, Civlization, Minecraft to name a few. It's not always about resources either. Just look at what SCS Software has created with their Euro Truck Simulator 2. Stunning work for a small team and for a very limited niché within a niché kind of market.
  2. I'd like it to fail if that ment FS11 would be back on track, but I highly doubt that will happen. If Flight is a success and catches on I'm not sure it would bring more people to FSX. Once heavily invested in Flight DLC and accustomed to the much better usability I imagine most users would rather live with the shortcomings of Flight than live with the hassle of the aged FSX platform. The majority of people choose simplicity over quality. I don't know this to be a fact, but I guess that just a small percentage of FSX users became hardcore simmers. Most FSX buyers fooled around with it for a short while, then moved on to other games. The Flight team made one right assumption: FSX has poor usability and gameplay for the casual gamer and simmer. Too bad they didn't succeed in creating a good game when they dumbed everything down. Now it's a poor game and a poor sim.
  3. I don't know, but I'm a GA flyer and not into heavy jets or VATSIM, and Flight wasn't for me. I even liked some of the FSX missions.
  4. Big difference between Aerosoft and Microsoft. For one, Aerosoft don't target young kids. Secondly Aerosoft operate in a competitive market which drive product innovation and customer interaction. Microsoft is monopolizing their market.
  5. I'm trying really hard to like it, but after two days I've lost interest. Not because it is all bad, but the gameplay is just a big soup of randomness and I feel no immersion. Maybe I'm too old to get how things work in the "Xbox-age"... It isn't a good simulator and it isn't a good game. It's not even jack of all trades.
  6. All the more reason why Aerosoft should make a new sim from scratch Sorry, couldn't resist sharing my dream...
  7. http://www.flightsim.gl/products/136-narsarsuaqx
  8. Can't wait to get this! The ferry flight down to Antarctica in the Twin Otter is going to be an adventure in itself. Will there be fuel depots available (An important part of operating the Twin Otter in Antarctica)?
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