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  1. having the same problem. Elevator trim like -70 and increasing it to TO trim doesn't work. As soon as you release the trim it starts going negative again
  2. I would like to see the INIT airport code carried over to the FPLAN key so that after doing the initialization with the starting airport you don't have to re-enter it again on the FPLAN page, as this seems the next logical step and having to key it in again and then press the Soft key would save a few "clicks".
  3. The distances and eta to upcoming waypoints is way off on the PFD. For example, in the attached screenshot on ILS to PHX, the LOC distance indicates 5.2 NM while the PFD shows 20nm to KPHX
  4. I can't get anything to respond to the mouse click. When I hover the mouse over a control, it turns blue, but it doesn't respond to a mouse. When I go to control setting I get a blank screen. I tried a totally different aircraft and the same thing? Is anyone else experiencing this?
  5. Why am I getting the odd route lines on the route map. This seems to happen when I add waypoints between the SID transition and the STAR transition. This example is flying the Clipper2 STAR to RNAV RW19 at KDCA
  6. After the 1.15.7 update many of the liveries did not display when in the aircraft... no 3d model. I had to delete all the add on liveries and the Citation WT mod. Working now don't know which caused problem.
  7. Works for me. I did a flight this afternoon on VATSIM that ended in an ILS approach into KMSY rw2 The localizer capture and GS worked perfect. Thought it might be the MSFS update? Mayber just a fluke?
  8. Camera views are unique to each aircraft too.
  9. I'm having a blast flying the aircraft and enjoy the complexity and having to keep your eye on everything. Just made a good flight from KBDL -> KBGR with ATC the whole way and the ILS captured fine and followed GS till 2NM. I find that keeping the speed at 160 and 30d flaps holds pretty well. It will be great when you can totally rely on the ILS down to minimums.
  10. N38TM

    Pack temps?

    Why are the temps on the ESC display showing -500+ C? Is there a way to open the cockpit door to the cabin. Can't find any hotspots.
  11. Per some recommendations from others I have been keeping the approach speed at 160 with 45d flaps and the aircraft has been doing better on following the GS but still starts to drop when I reduce speed at final and take manual control. Hope it gets fixed soon. I fly the Working Title Citation and it does the VNAV and ILS perfectly.
  12. Try deleting the CRJ and then resinstall... but I and many other have no success with ILS working correctly. Flys below, above, can't capture etc. Aerosoft says they are working on it, But IMHO it worked somewhat before patch, now totally unreliable. :{
  13. Just tried another approach on a VATSIM flight to KCRP - ILS13 approach. This time the aircraft captured in GS (green) but flew the approach way above the glide path. Fortunately the visibility was good enough to hand fly in the final. Totally unreliable for IFR approaches seems to me.
  14. The A320 and CJ4 fly ILS approaches pretty flawlessly in my experience. YUP.
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