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  1. Roger that Mathijs, too bad. Oh, yes...please make it a minor glitch by only mentioning the dolly and disregard all the other stuff, please do ;-)
  2. - If you want a detailed scenery of Sola, go for his one. - If you want an accurate/complete/non fictious scenery of Sola with good resolution ground textures, wait for someone else to do it. Manual says the scenery will show everything at full monthy on "very dense", set that to "extremely dense" instead. Probably the thinnest manual ever btw. Other features (based on the fact that this scenery looks like Sola from early 2010): - Heli dolly parked on taxiway boundary on TWY G4. Illegal. - Static aircraft on apron 13 parked nose out. Not done for real. They have tie downs in the concr
  3. Hi, I have successfully altered the ground textures on the runways to something remotely similar to our real runways. I cannot find the textures for the aprons and the like, I want to do something similar to them. Any ideas? Are the apron effects controlled by bgls ? Next task is to alter taxiway markings and RWY threshold markings/distance markings to something closer to ICAO standards.
  4. TWY J/K now all gone. TWYs P, Q, R, S are now the ones intersecting TWY G and L from south to north. P and Q will be opened in a very short while, an electrical transformer kiosk was moved today, it was too close to the CL of TWY P. Likewise, some CL lights on P and Q were cracked already, might be production problems and needed change. P and Q will have both yellow and green CL lights, yellow for active de-ice and green for normal taxi. They now show up with both yellow and green due to the fact that the activating system for them is not in place yet and that they are on the same loop as TWY
  5. I think the concrete and bitumen/asphalt looks like gravel.
  6. Tow bars are about 3 times the size they should be and the apron texturing, especially the concrete, looks unrealistic. There is no friction pattern in the concrete used at Sola. Shelter B is missing (located as no 2 from the North, partly obscured from trees on top and at the sides). You have Shelters A C D along taxiway C2 and I hope you have Shelters E through H on 3 of the corners of Apron 3 and at the end of F2 (H). Shelter B can be seen on sat images like Google imagery.
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