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  1. Thanks Mathijs. I installed SODE 1.5.1 because during scenery installing (FSX) , installer asked to install latest SODE. On SODE webpage i read: This version supports all the previous sims as well as the new Prepar3D v4. Could I have some negative effects with 1.5.1 on FSX? BRGDS
  2. Hi Is it safe to use SODE 1.5.1 with FSX? BRGDS
  3. Hi Any new information about Erfurt. Thanks Edin
  4. Hi Same problem with fs9 version. Transparency problems with tower and also with fences. Strange effect behind fences
  5. Hi I have a question regarding fs9 version of MAF . I installed all the updates and It works ok, but I notice strange texture in front of rwy25C. Could You please check? Same observation from another fs9 simmer. Image attached. Is this normal to see that grey texture in front of 25C Thanks Edin
  6. Hi One more question. If I have Scenery Germany 4 and UT Europe do I really need to activate EDDF LC folder? Because few months ago I asked similar question: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/42902-fs9new-stuttgart-question/page__fromsearch__1 Thanks Edin
  7. Hi I have boxed version of Mega Airport Frankfurt X v1.01 for Fs9. I think that update V2.0 was present before, but know when I logged to updates I see only version 2.01 and 2.02. Does it mean that I don't need version V2.0 or..? Could You please clarify this. Another question. I notice that after installation of update 2.02 I have got EDDF2008_LC directory which did not exist before last update. In that directory I have only one file A402-113hes_5.bgl. Should I activate in fs9 LC dir or not? I assume that previous updates checked for other scenery like scenery germany 4 and because of that did not create LC folder. Can somebody explain. Thanks Edin
  8. Sorry for english, but how I know the version of EDDF 2008? I have this in version.txt: Version: 3.0 - 09.11.2005 3.1 - 13.12.2005 3.2 - 11.01.2006 3.3 - 28.05.2008 Thanks
  9. Thanks Shaun. I search a bit and I found on avsim: Correction of Taxiway signs for Aerosoft's Mega Airport Frankfurt (EDDF) according to new ground layout 2010 File name is: eddf_fs9_twycorr_13.zip Edin
  10. Hi Just curious. Is there a plan to update airport layout, because taxyway layout changes. For example now taxyway O (cargo) is N11. Thanks Edin
  11. Hi I have only original AFCAD. During online flight I asked one of the pilot about ILS22 problems. He confirmed also same problem with LOC. Thanks
  12. Hi Is it normal that during ILS22 approach I have centered LOC needle and rwy is 2-3 DEG to the left. Autoland impossible on that way. Thanks
  13. Hi Thanks for info. I'm not planning soon to switch to FSX although my config is capable to fight with FSX ;-) To many addons for fs9. And with all addons I have it looks very good. I will wait and see what will happen. Anyway I could use GAP3 old EDDL Edin
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