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  1. Problem solved! My Radeon Catalyst Control Centre was telling me I had the latest drivers, which, silly me, I'd believed. When I investigated closer, I found that the AMD Display Driver was actually 8 months old. When I installed the new drivers, the spikes disappeared. Guess the bottom line is... don't always believe what your computer is telling you.
  2. This is odd. I've tested all the other sceneries that I have installed in FSX, and not one shows any problems, other than Corfu. The list of sceneries is too long to list here, but it does include a lot of Aerosoft sceneries, Earth Sim, Orbx, FSDreamTeam, Fly Tampa and Imagine. I've run those sceneries with all the sliders cranked up to almost the max, and traffic set at 40--50%, and no spikes, no problems at all. But if I run Corfu, with all the Corfu goodies disabled and the sliders way down, those dratted spikes appear every time in exactly the same location. I accept that there isn't a faulty object in the Corfu scenery, it looks like I'm the only one who has this issue. Obviously my graphics card is not happy with something in the Corfu scenery though. It is a new graphics card though (ATI Radeon HD7950) so I'd be interested to hear if anybody with the same graphics card has run the Corfu scenery without issues? I do know that there are some current issues with this card (eg Corel PaintShopPro X3 won't run with it), so maybe this is another problem which ATI may fix with a later driver. I guess it could also be some setting on the card, but I'm not too sure what parameters to play with to test this.
  3. I really can't believe that it's due to a GPU overload. I haven't seen this issue anywhere else, and it is extremely localised in the Corfu scenery, it also is at the same location each time (both arguments against a GPU overload). The video card I'm using has the latest drivers and is just about the latest from ATI (Radeon HD7950), so no way can this be an issue with the video card. Other airports I've used... Aerosoft Heathrow, Aerosoft Paris CDG, FSDreamteam JFK, FlyTampa Athens, etc etc. all big hitters on the GPU, and no issues at all with any of them, also use Orbx scenery in particular New Zealand (North & South).
  4. I tried setting all traffic to zero, as well as disabling all the goodies in the Corfu Manager, but I still get those spikes. Somebody earlier recommended flying over the spiky bits, and taking a screen shot to isolate the culprit, so I'll attach that file here. That file shows that the spikes are emanating from a single landing approach light. There's also another area close to the terminal which has some problems to a lesser extent. It looks like some sort of bus terminal by the road, I've attached a screen shot of this problem area as well.
  5. Looks like the uninstall/reinstall suggested by Mathijs did the trick, at least the houses are now safely above water. Looks like the original install of UT Alaska missed out a couple of sceneries, and that was causing the problem. After reinstalling, of course those UT sceneries were installed correctly, and now my flooding problem has evaporated. Thanks David
  6. The sceneries are in the correct order, I just extracted the lines from my scenry.cfg, with the scenery number/layer increasing with increasing priority.
  7. I'm amazed that out of the 57 views so far of this problem, not one person has made a comment or suggestion. I've investigated further, and discovered that the problem is connected to FlightOne Ultimate Terrain Alaska. I did check the box for the presence of this scenery addon when I installed Fairbanks, and as can be seen above, the "Fairbanks X Terrain with UTA" Aerosoft scenery was added. If I remove the entries for Ultimate Terrain Alaska, then those houses in the attached image disappear, and that area then becomes forest. Obviously I don't want to remove UT Alaska permanently, so it would be very helpful if somebody could suggest how UT Alaska can work with Aerosoft Fairbanks.
  8. No, there's only the Aerosoft Corfu scenery. To eliminate any possible conflicts, I did edit the scenery.cfg file deleting all sceneries with higher priority than Corfu. I also tried reinstalling, with no change.
  9. I just purchased and installed Corfu X. There seems to be a small problem with vertical lines emanating from the end of the runway (see attachment for details). All the settings in FSX are at or greater than those advised in the manual, I've also tried tweaking these and setting them exactly to the values in the manual. I've tried turning off the RWY specular effect and 3D grass, but still have the problem . I also tried reordering the scenery in scenery.cfg so that Corfu was at the top of the list (in case other scenery is interfering with it). This is the only airport that I've seen this issue on, and before anybody suggests memory (which caused issues like this on an old PC), my current PC has 16Gb DDR3 RAM, and the video card (Radeon 7950) has 3Gb memory.
  10. Hi I just installed Fairbanks, and tested it out on a wintery day in February. Close to the airport, there appear to be a number of houses flooded out. Please see the attachment. I have Ultimate Alaska installed, not sure if this has any effect. I'm also attaching an extracted sample of my scenery.cfg, showing the order of the sceneries. David [Area.133] Title=UT Alaska Cities Layer=133 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\UtAkCities [Area.134] Title=UT Alaska Mesh Layer=134 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=Scenery\UtAkMesh [Area.135] Title=Anchorage-Terrain Layer=135 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Anchorage-Terrain [Area.136] Title=Anchorage-Airport Layer=136 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Anchorage-Airport [Area.137] Title=Fairbanks-Terrain Layer=137 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Fairbanks X Terrain with UTA [Area.138] Title=Fairbanks-Airport Layer=138 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Local=aerosoft\Fairbanks X
  11. Simware Simulations gives the availability date as 22nd January 2010, so I guess release is imminent (I hope)
  12. Hi Shaun Did you ever get a response from the developer concerning the AWACS mission. I've had problems with this mission as well, and I've been eagerly awaiting a fix, or a hint how to complete the mission. Cheers David
  13. Can you tell me which bgls you deactivated. I have all the FranceVFR sceneries for this region (FlightRiviera BasePack and Riviera JetSet), and I've noticed a number of files in each scenery pertaining to Nice. Thanks Dave
  14. I agree. My credit card is poised and eager for the release
  15. not to mention the customs duties on items shipped from Europe to Canada (in my case) which could amount to close to 50% of the cost of the item. If Aerosoft pursues a policy of not making their products available for download, they are going to loose a lot of custom this side of the Atlantic.
  16. I don't like this new policy either. If it's not available as a download, then I won't be buying it.
  17. I'm trying to reinstall Seahawk+Boxer after a hard disk crash. I have the install file that I originally downloaded, the valid serial number, my userid and password, but I'm getting an error when it tries to authorise the serial number... I get a popup with an error message "No Secure Conection!" Can you advise me how to reinstall this product. Thanks David
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