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  1. Ok it's official. I am on drugs. I was bitching about two different missions. There is one mission to escort Air Force 1 and a seperate mission to meet up with an AWACS. I was not paying attention to the mission list. So now I have successfully completed the Air Force 1 mission and that was a bit of fun. The radio calls made sense and the mission pointer was always correct. Ok so let's put that one aside. The mission that I am actually having a problem with is the very first in the list of F-16 missions and is called 20th HAVCAP. The first step is to join up with Arrow lead and turn south to meet the AWACS. This happens and Arrow flight replaces the 2 F18s that were escorting the AWACS. Then Arrow lead instructs me to take station 1 mile behind the AWACS and that continues for a few minutes. Then the AWACS calls on the radio to find out where the nearest tanker is. Then ground control instructs Arrow flight to intercept a bogey heading toward the AWACS. This is where things get weird. Firstly Arrow lead buggers off and I never see or hear him after he instructs me to intercept the bogey. Secondly I actually do the intercept and form up on the bogey. Except its an F18 doing mach 1.2 at 33000. When I am instructed to do the intercept the mission pointer moves from the AWACS to Arrow lead then almost imediately to the F18. Right after I get with 2 or 3 miles of the F18 there is a radio call from ground to first RTB, then break off pursuit. But the mission pointer is stuck on the F18. It never moves off of the F18. It sounds as if the pointer is supposed to move to Hickam right after the intercept. Anyway I decided to follow the F18 and he flies south west until I run out of fuel. I am going to skip this one and move on to the next mission until Shaun can confirm that the HAVCAP mission is a bit broken.
  2. I must be doing something very wrong or I'm on drugs because I did the mission again last night and I was escorting an E-3 AWACS. I followed the AWACS all the way into land and it landed on a different runway compared to your screenshots. I am going to uninstall and reinstall the F-16 missions and see if that does anything. Are there any patches that need to be applied after the mission pack is installed?
  3. Ahem I don't think I am being understood correctly. I am able to meet up with Air Force 1. ( Except in todays attempt at the mission AF1 was replaced with an AWACS ) The problem is AFTER meeting up with AF1, there is an airliner that encroaches on the restricted airspace around AF1. The ground controller orders the 2 F-16s to leave AF1 and intercept the airliner. At the time of that radio call the mission pointer moves from AF1 to the airliner which is about 80nm away and heading towards AF1. So I turn to the heading and altitude given by ground control to intercept the airliner. At this point the lead F-16 turns north and leaves the area. I intercept the airliner. The mission pointer is now still stuck on this airliner. After a few minutes there is a radio call for the F-16s to return to base - but the mission pointer is still stuck on the airliner. This is my confusion. I am also extremely confused why when I flew the mission today, AF1 was replaced by and E-3 AWACS. I can tell the difference between the two. And yes I am flying the 20th FW HAVCAP mission. When I flew the mission last weekend it contained Air Force 1. I have FSX with Acceleration installed on top of it. The only add-ons I have is the Aerosoft F-16 at version 1.20 and the F-16 missions.
  4. I am going to bump this up to the top because nobody is answering my questions. To summarize, I am really confused about what needs to be done in the first HAVCAP mission because the mission pointer is stuck on the bogey airliner.
  5. Hi Shaun I'm not sure you are understanding my posts correctly. The mission pointer does not move off of the aircraft that is the "bogey". The mission pointer moves off of Air Force 1 onto the aircraft that is flying into restricted airspace and then even when it is intercepted the mission pointer remains on that aircraft. I am never instructed to return to Air Force 1 or even land. What is the requirement to "intercept the airliner"? Is there an amount of time that I have to fly in formation with the bogey or is it a distance? And why does Arrow lead just fly off in the wrong direction? I will go through the mission again and this time and stick with AF1 as you say instead of doing the intercept.
  6. When I hear the radio call to intercept the airliner, the mission pointer is then connected to that aircraft. Even if I do intercept the aircraft and fly within a couple of miles the mission pointer sticks to the airliner. I have run through the mission 4 times now and the mission pointer never moves off of the "bogey" And in regards to your comment about Hickam, which runway am I supposed to land on if I am able to escort Air Force 1 in? Am I supposed to land on 26 water? Do I then have to taxi somewhere specific?
  7. Hi I purchased the entire Aerosoft F-16 add-on plus the missions and I am new to FSX but slowly getting the hang of things. I have FSX and Aceleration installed on WindowsXP. As far as I can tell I have patched the Aerosoft F-16 to 1.20 and then installed the missions on top of that. All the different versions show up in FSX and the missions are listed in the missions page. So my problem is that the first mission where I am supposed to escort AirForce 1, is confusing me. The first problem is intercepting the "bogey" which is just an airliner. Arrow lead doesn't fly towards the mission pointer. He turns off to the left and does his own thing. Then I form up on the bogey and nothing happens. Ok so then at some point there is a radio call for Arrow flight to return to Hickam. Now you may call me dumb but I don't see no Hickam AFB on the built in FSX map. Is Hickam the same place as Honolulu International???? If yes then why can't I complete the mission if I land on runway 26 water? Am I supposed to taxi somewhere specific? In some of the other FSX missions you have to position the aircraft in a certain spot - is it the same in the F-16 missions or do I just have to land on the runway? Some advice please......
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