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  1. and...? I hope you landed safely at Nice (compatible with FranceVFR)?
  2. Now that's really a cliff hanger
  3. I'm curious. Let us know and have a nice flight!
  4. Hi there, This is a great looking airport. Will it be compatible with the France VFR photoscenery of this area? Thanks in advance, Rob
  5. Matthijs, thank you for the reply...indeed darn perfectionists, it was already perfect a few months ago....
  6. Well Urs I was only refering to the post of Matthijs from september 20 So stop this magical thinking about giving people time to create..I'm asking the publisher to elaborate on his own words... All the best, Rob BTW the Saab is great indeed! But still a softwareproduct with little glitches which has been updated recently. So a perfect product is not achievable at once how many hours you spend on it. Think about the Piper Cheyenne..
  7. But more important ... when it's going to be released? Matthijs you said you gonna shed some light on this issue...
  8. And that's exactly the problem...hardware...mmm... :? I can't afford to buy a megacomputer ... But I think i'm the only one. Rob
  9. Afijn the do-27 is expected about August 18-20. That would be nice. Will there be a version with floats? Rob
  10. Hi Martin, That's a quick reply. Thank you very much! Rob
  11. Hello, Perhaps a stupid question and I even looked in the manual but could not find it. How do I start/engage the TCAS? Thanks in advance, Rob
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