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  1. Suggest to look at http://www.pcaviator.com.au/ - I think you will find it there
  2. There should be an addon-xml file within the folder of the flightsimulator (Prepar3D v5)..\Ecosystem\aerosoft\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5 - there is no need to create a separate addon.xml . If the file is missing in the folder, then something went wrong with the installation. The secenery itself creates an entry into ..\Programdata\lockheed martin\prepar3d v5\add-ons.cfg and should read like this: [Package.x] x=number of entry Path=F:\Prepar3D v5\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5 Title=Aerosoft Geneva Professional Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Maybe the version is missing (v5) - you can add this manually (if you have an older version of Geneva and deinstalled it, sometimes the old entry in the add-ons.cfg remains.
  3. Do you have Hotfix1 for Prepar3D v5 installed - as this is an error message of the first edition of P3Dv5 ? I haven't got this with HF1 until now.
  4. It seems, that the entry for the airport in scenery.cfg (KSMF Sacramento) is missing. Probabely deleted ? Suggest to add this item manually into the scenery.cfg
  5. I also deleted the previous version of LSZH, but in my scenery.cfg the airport was still active / shown. As Zurich 1.1.0 installs using the xml-method there were two airports loaded into the sim. I removed the LZSH-entrance in my scenery.cfg manually - and that worked. Maybe that this is also the case with your installation.
  6. Pilot has a correction Tool called AFM configurator - it can be downloaded from their homepage.
  7. Sorry to hear that something went wrong. I have checked my KSMF and have Jetways (these are not SODE Jetways; the jetways came with the scenery). Do you have GSX2 installed ?
  8. The altitude of the runways in the Sacramento-Scenery are different from the default. Even when using Elevation-Corrections (Pilot's or ORBX) I did not get a good result. I therefore changed the Altitude in the AFCAD-File. I have attached my file which works for me (with ORBX NCA and Pilot's Global Ultimate NG). Maybe it works for you too. But when using this Afcad you have to disable the original one (KSMF_ADEX_SMF. bgl) by changing the ending from *.bgl into *.off. KSMF_ADEP4_bt.bgl
  9. Hi Ray, I had a similar issue some time ago - but this occured to all islands and coasts (Mallorca, Hawaii, West USA - surroundig was that what you show); I then sorted my ORBX files (Vector and LC) to the original sorting - as the current ones were dissorted by the new ORBX Central. After that, everything was ok. In case this does not help, I would then disable GCLA in Vector. That's at the moment my only idea. Best regards
  10. This is what it looks at my P3Dv4.5 - my LIPE Afcad is dated 11.04.2018 (iso 27.03.2018) Rgds Bernhard
  11. Did you check this (once more): In FSX/P3D main/scenery/0502/scenery check if you have those files disabled/removed APX43200.bgl CVX4320.bgl It seems that the scenery 0502 has received some update as there are several files ending ".bgl.p3dini" and the new once have a creations date in midst of 2018 (iso 2017).
  12. Hast Du denn die DO228 bei Carenado registriert (angemeldet) ?
  13. Sorry - is it really January 1, 2019 or should it read January 1, 2020 ?
  14. Here is my file - please rename the original file "AF2_LPPS.bgl" into "AF2_LPPS.xxx" and copy the attached file into the scenery folder of Porto Santo. LPPS_ADEP4_ADE.bgl
  15. I checked my AFCAD file for LPPS (latest version) by using ADE. It states under "Runway": 36/18 but under "Starts" there you find 19/01. This can be easily fixed by yourself using the ADE tool. I did this some days ago. I don't know if it is allowed, to pin the "revised" file hier as it may be the property of Aerosoft.
  16. Hello Kai, I had the same problem including the wrong AS Updater when I updated Bergamo to 1.01.1; it seemd the in the frirst version of the updater, there was a mistake. Please see here: After a second download after that everything was ok - perhaps Simmarket did not get the corrected version of the updater to 1.01.1, which has the same version number then the first (corrupted) one
  17. Version V1011 of Bergamo Professional is the latest version; you mentioned version, but this is for the Bergamo extended version only - not for Professional
  18. Best for me was to uninstall Cologne-Bonn, download the new complete files once more and then install it with adminrights. After that, all was ok.
  19. Some Threads ago there was a hint that the PREPAR3DV4 Organizer from Lorby SI makes this change after you have changed the sequence by using the Organizer
  20. The Addon-Path for Updates is wrong: It should be only : ...\Prepar3d v4\Cologne-Bonn Professional and not ... \Prepar3d v4\Cologne-Bonn professional\SimObjects.
  21. Hallo Socke, starte mal AES Light von O. Pabst und hier auf "Aktivierung von Flughäfen" dann drücke hier auf "resync/repair". Das sollte helfen, die Fluggastbrücken herzustellen. Viele Grüße Bernd
  22. Hallo Pascal, Du musst Dich als lizensierter Nutzer von REX ausweisen - dazu gehören das Kaufdatum, die Ordernumber von REX und die Lizenznummer, die Du vom online-shop erhalten hast (die Ordernumber fängt mit FSS.....) an. Ohne REX funktioniert das Overdrive nicht. Gruß Bernd
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